From West To East

Last post was on the West coast. Today going back the East Coast. I find myself posting between two different coasts right now. Hmm, I haven’t been anywhere else in the recent times, but West or East. Need to do something about it.

New York Looking South

While back I posted similar image, but looking north. I was at the Empire State building, cold and super windy, trying to take some pictures NYC. This is looking south on Manhattan. You can see newly build trade center tower and bridges to Brooklyn.

Click me!

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17 Responses to From West To East

  1. tripodtrippin says:

    Amazing view!

  2. quinngoldie says:

    One of my favorite views!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Wow! Your NY photography is great!akes me want to plan another trip, just to shoot!

  4. topher79 says:

    I like how the streets look like glowing pulsating veins

  5. John says:

    Wow, beautiful photo. Not sure how people live there though, being the country boy I am… Want to go there some day…

  6. Virginia says:

    Amazing picture!!! New York!!!

  7. Those lights represent a lot of people. Good photo. Anything taken at night is amazing to me. I’m happy if my daytime pictures turn out.

  8. jazzersten says:

    Spectacular and beautiful!

  9. Daniela says:

    Simply can’t beat night time views like this … beautiful!

  10. Incredible….I can not imagine….have not traveled much….hoping to after we retire….wow!

  11. artchismo says:

    God I miss NY. Great shot!

  12. Great night shot of NYC!

  13. rivermansky says:

    This one struck a note with me. Took some similar views from the Empite State when I was in NY last September. I’m not good with heights but the darkness disguised the reality of my position. Almost had to dangle the camera out of the metal grid to get some shots. Excellent work

  14. Alex Khoo says:

    Super nice photo!!!!

  15. Wow – an amazing view and picture!! Thanks for liking my post, too.

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