Seattle Waterfront Sunset

I took this photo about one hour before I took Seattle Lights photo. Only on that photo I moved camera to the other end of this little pool to get city reflections, and looked in opposite direction. Around 5PM, it is amazing how people less it was there.  Once in a while you get those special moments when everything comes together and it looks so nice. Have a great day everyone.

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32 thoughts on “Seattle Waterfront Sunset

  1. To say that this is an spectacular shot would be an understatement. I suppose taking this picture was a tad more tricky than the (also stunning) Seattle Lights image, because in the former you would have had to work with the Sun as an object (and the light accompanying it) along with the beautiful clouds in the sky as opposed to human made lights in the apartments in the latter. Nevertheless, the reflection on water has been brilliantly captured in both images.

  2. The reflection of the sky in the water is amazing! I also like the lines from the path and the railings? in the distance, which all meet up at a point in the right of the picture.

  3. I am in love – with this photo and landscape. Thanks for sharing Dmitrii, it is just spectacular. Thank goodness for the art of excellent photography. The eyes and the images it sees are windows to the soul and to eternity.

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