Evening in New York City

Time Lapse and HDR Video

A few weeks ago I spent a few hours in NYC, a quick evening. I took a few time lapse videos and took some photos. This is the video I put together, combination of time lapses and HDR. I will be posting each photo over the coming weeks, so if you like it in the video, you will be able to download high resolution photo. One thing I learned after doing those time lapses is to next time increase ISO on the camera during evening hours, as it was getting darker, it took longer for each capture, and a bit under exposed on the time lapse videos.

If for whatever reason you can not see it via this blog, just hit it strait here – Evening in NYC from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Bridge

You already seen the first two photos that appear in this video. The following photo appears at the 11th second time spot. To see a nice high resolution image just click on it.

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28 thoughts on “Evening in New York City

  1. Well done! Did you have any trouble with a tripod in times square? I particularly liked the time lapses from there.

    1. thanks! I positioned it next to some big natural obstacles, like a sign or big umbrella, so it was protected from pedestrains on one side and I was standing on the other side. On the last one I did not spread it legs too wide, just enough and I was standing right next to it, so it was fine. Everyone takes photos there, so noone gives you any greif about it. Each time lapse is only 4 seconds, but it takes 10 minutes of shooting to make, I wish I could get longer in each, but standing in one place in such busy places is a bit challanging.

      1. This is great info, thanks for the reply. I’m just learning about time-lapse but you’re work at Times Square is awesome and this clears up my concerns about the cops or someone else complaining about me having a tripod open in such a busy place. They’re really weird about this stuff in London so good to hear in NYC they’re still okay!

        1. no one had any issues with me, and I saw a few other tripods with bigger cameras. just don’t be in anyones way and make sure there is enough open space between you and where most folks can path through.

  2. lovely clear shots of bridge. I first read about HDR photos on your blog.Consequently I checked it out and have just down loaded the Photomatrix software I tried it out this weekend. wow what a difference it makes. I put the HDR photo of Mt Warning in my post “Out and about” not perfect by any means, I did not use a tripod, so need more practice but it is magic the way it works. Thank you for the info.

    1. good luck with it. you can do handheld, they just have to be very fast…which is usually difficult to do in low light conditions

  3. This is so cool. I’ve never been to NYC and now like Clémentine, I really want to go. Loved this video and anything HDR, I should be reading more of our books, hehe. Well done!

  4. Did you take this before 9-11? Are those the twin towers? I’m from the opposite end of the continent so NY isn’t that familiar to me, but those towers….

    1. it was taken a few weeks ago, those are not the old twin towers. the one with antenas on top is actually newly build world trade center tower, it suppose to be one of the tallest in US when completed. This angle doesn’t do it justice, if you look on Manhattan from the Jersy side it is the tower you’ll see and everything else is way under it.

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