Friday Mystery Photo

Another Friday, another photo. This time around is easy one for you. The cool part about this specific photo is the fact that you’ll probably never see these steps empty. The fact that it was pouring rain and close to midnight cleared them out for a few seconds, almost cleared, as you can witness it. Last time I saw these steps they were occupied by at least two, maybe even three hundred people. If you never saw the steps, the reflections are big giveaway. Anyhow, happy Friday all!

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22 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Easy one, may be one one of the spots more visited in the world: the TKTS stairs at Times Square in NYC. Cool that you manage to do a shot when they were almost empty!

    1. not just not empty, they are usually packed, I’m going to share a short time lapse of this place soon, showing the madness of it

  2. I love this shot! Aside from the fact that the stairs are nearly emptied ( because they never ever are!), I really admired the angle. I have seen so many photographs of these steps as a new yorker and this really intrigued me because it was so different from the rest!

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