Boston Waterboat

I took this photo about 18 month ago on one of my first visits to Boston. It was cold and snowy, with a lot of cool boats parked for winter and some sailors coming off the water. This fence looked cool and I wanted to remember it many days and month later. Thanks to it, I still do.

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22 thoughts on “Boston Waterboat

    1. No, most of them out in the open, dry docks I’m sure somewhere around, but not in this part of town. If you look for some of my past photos from Boston you’ll see at least one with bunch of boats.

  1. So weird going through blogs I follow… We are in mass & I took a similar pic ( minus snow!! ) of this Same sign yesterday! Caught my eye too! My second trip to Boston

  2. I really like this – it almost looks desaturated but the colors from the hanging flotation devices keep your gaze on the photo.

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