Manhattan Bridge

I really like my super wide 14-24 lens. On a full frame camera it is doing its true 14mm at its widest. See how much you can get into it. Almost entire Manhattan Bridge in all of its glory.

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41 thoughts on “Manhattan Bridge

  1. Dmitrii, I think this is a really interesting image, but I worry that HDR makes it all look artificial. There is a tendency today, led by the photography magazines (in the UK anyway) to pump up pictures with HDR and excess colour saturation like athlete on steroids. I really believe a strong image should stand without needing that artifice, and I’m sure your images are strong enough. It’s like adding ‘E’s’ to food to boost colour and flavour. Let’s go organic! Just as we prefer organic food, I think we might prefer organic photographs.

  2. Yeah this is pretty awesome – personally I don’t think it looks artificial. I imagine while you stood there this is closer to what it ‘looked’ like then the typical snapshot. As always keep up the great work – your blog is an inspiration!

  3. Love the color of the bridge against the sky. I haven’t used my Tokina DC 12-24mm in a long time but this is inspiring me!

  4. Fantastic picture… I lived in NYC for 7 years and still never get sick of seeing shots like this one! Also just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog; I’m excited to check out all of your travel pictures now!

  5. Isn’t photography great. You shoot the Manhattan Bridge in all it glory and 3000 miles west I shoot a simple solitary Oak tree. I really like your work.

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