Window Shopping in NYC

Doesn’t he look mean, this little bugger? Window shopping in NYC can be very entertaining, you never know what you going to find and see. This one appeared to me in obscure part of Chinatown. I was standing next to the window, looking at pedestrians, not suspecting a thing. There was some sound behind me and as I turned around, there was Chucky, right in my face, scared me to death. I had to pull out my gun, rapid fire and shot him on the spot.

Well, it didn’t happen exactly like that, but I can run my imagination a bit, you can too. How about little hand? Creepy.

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25 thoughts on “Window Shopping in NYC

  1. About ten years ago, my ex-wife and I had brought our daughter a doll for Christmas. This doll would open it’s eyes, it would suck it’s thumb if you put it in it’s mouth. It would laugh, cry, giggle, drink. Anyway, my daughter had gone to bed and we had friends round. The doll was sitting on the sofa with it’s eyes closed. One of my friends leant towards it and said “my god, that looks like Chuckie”. The doll then opened its eyes and giggled. The look of terror on my friend’s face as he shot backwards on his hands and feet. We all howled with laughter, but my friend’s response was very colourful.

  2. Hi,
    That is incredible seeing a Chucky doll in the window, a great photo. I watched all the movies, in fact I own them on DVD. 😀

  3. We should sick Chucky on Nancy … Pelosi, that is … now there’d be a battle of two evils, worth watching, LOL. 🙂 Sorry, every time I see ugly little creatures, Nancy comes to mind. I wonder why that is???? 😉

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