Spider Tree

Busy week, busy weekend. How about you?

Have you been the Jekyll Island? Specifically to its North East corner? If you ever make to this part of the East Coast and this part of Georgia, make sure to go see its North East corner. It is like in prehistoric times or from some movie about aliens or total apocalypses, with huge tree skeletons all over the beach, throwing shadows on the sand and coming on waves.


40 thoughts on “Spider Tree

  1. gorgeous photography. i haven´t thought about jekyll island for years! i think i could spend weeks on your page and not see it all! bravo!

  2. Hey Dmitrii … I’ve always admired your images … so much so that I read all of your stuff on HDR. I want you to know that you made it sound straight forward enough so that even I could handle it. So I purchased Photomatix at your suggestion. I noticed that you ‘LIKED’ my very FIRST attempt with the software at my blog (www.pairodox.wordpress.com) … the image of the marbles. I was so pleased to see that you … the real expert … liked the image. Or, perhaps it was the prose that you liked and didn’t recognize the image as HDR. In any case … thanks for providing the motivation to get me started with this very interesting technique. My question for you is, how does one know when to use HDR and when is enough … enough? Thanks very much … once again … Dave S.

    1. Hi Dave, I remember your marbles, nice work. As your question goes, hmm, I think you just have to look at it once, twice, sometime maybe take a break and look at it again and ask yourself if you feel it is overcooked or not. It is very easy overdue it with software, that is why I mentioned in my HDR101 that using presets might be a bad idea. You have to control slides, it takes a bit longer but you will be in control. The more you do it the better you will be, just like with everything else. Good luck!

  3. Hi,
    What a very unusual old tree trunk and I totally agree with you it does look a bit like a spider. A great photo, the truck looks sort of eerie there all alone on the beach, just amazing.

  4. Hi Dmitrii… thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Your photos are fantastic, especially the one above. Couldn’t figure if the foreground was snow but, reading through the comments, I see it’s actually sand. Lovely, moody shot anyway 🙂

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