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Coming Home

I think this tanker was coming home, empty to get more oil. Or maybe it is not a tanker at all but freight ship coming back to get loaded with containers. Not really sure, I’m not an expert on it. … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

Ads No Go So I tried to enable WordAds last night and guess what, they completely messed up the site layout. Sounds like wordpress only wants to display it on vanilla out of the box sites without any customizations and … Continue reading

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Skyscrapers aka Небоскребы

Advertisements I’ve been keeping advertisements off this blog by paying for “No Ads” upgrade with Recently I learned that I can turn on ads and get a little share from the ads revenue they get. I’m going to turn … Continue reading

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Seattle Lights

Another view of the great city from the Dr Jose Rizal Park. Enjoy.

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Good Morning 2012

I took this photo on January 1st in Charleston, South Carolina. First sunrise of 2012. We are almost half way through the year. I think it is going pretty well. I hope it is true for you as well.

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Friday mystery photo

Hot, Hot, Hot It is so hot on the East coast at the moment, today got up to 100F with some serious humidity. Being outdoors is very unpleasant. I was planning to do some shooting one of the nights this … Continue reading

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From West To East

Last post was on the West coast. Today going back the East Coast. I find myself posting between two different coasts right now. Hmm, I haven’t been anywhere else in the recent times, but West or East. Need to do … Continue reading

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