Hiking NC Mountains

Time Lapse with D800

D800 has built in function to make time lapse movies. It allows to to choose the frequency of each capture and total length of the capture sequence. At the end of the time lapse, camera will combine all captures into time lapsed movie, with 24 frames/sec. The good side of this is that you don’t have to do a lot, frame it, set aperture, ISO and choose the time lapse function in settings. Push the button and wait. 10 minutes of 1 capture per every 5 seconds will produce 4 seconds of the movie. 25 minutes will make 10 seconds. One major downside to it is inability to modify the quality of the captures before they are merged into the final clip. If some parts are over exposed or under exposed they will be shown like that in the movie. There is a way to take a lot of captures without making actual movie and process them via 3rd party software, like LR, but I have to tried it yet.

So I’ve been playing a bit with time lapse on my D800. Here is the first movie. If you have problem watching it from inside this blog, you can see direct via this link.


Moody Skies

And this is one of the photos you saw in the above video.

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29 thoughts on “Hiking NC Mountains

  1. That feature with the D800 does sound good, it´s just a shame that the stills are deleted though. I take it only works with jpegs? I think I´ll have to move over to a D800 – would you recommend it?

    1. it probably uses jpegs for in camera time lapse, and it deletes them when movie is compiled. I can shoot time interval photos and make movie myself, but to make a 25 second clip I’d have to shoot 600 frames, and I’d shoot it in RAW to have better control over it in LR, but then my current memory cards cannot store this much data. It is a nice camera. There are rumors about D600, might wait and see what specs it has and then choose

      1. D600 is going be a full frame camera, it will use a Sony 24.7MP full frame sensor (D800 also uses Sony sensor too). and rumors say it will be priced cheaply too hopefully within $1500-$2500 mark. So DX user who want to move to FX; the D600 will be a good entry into full frame photography. More details on D600 can be found here at Nikon Rumors (http://nikonrumors.com/2012/05/23/newupdated-nikon-d600-specifications.aspx/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NikonRumors+%28NikonRumors.com%29). In terms of image sensor market Sony is a world leader as read here (http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-expands-the-cmosccd-sensor-leadership/) I’m hoping that rumors on D600 pricing holds true; would like to upgrade my D7000 to a D600.

  2. Dmitrii, NC sure does have some dramatic scenery. Your photos have done it justice. Keep on traveling and sharing your crisp images!
    MaryLou Tucker

  3. Can I ask why you chose the D800 over the Canon Mark III? I was ready to move to the D800 when I read about TS lenses and that the Canon TS are better and easier to use than the Nikon PE (I think that’s what they are called). Anyway, what do you think?

    1. I’m Nikon user, already invested in Nikon lenses. Switching to Canon would be very expensive. Also, I think that Nikon lenses are easy to use, there is not much to it. There are couple switches on them, mainly to turn on or off autofocus.

  4. Very nice timelapse. Parts of it seemed HDR with high contrast and saturation and other parts looked “regular”. I liked it all and perhaps the difference was the variation in the natural light?

  5. Love the photo. It is as if I have on 3D glasses or can touch those clouds. The clouds moving across your video are so beautiful too, especially the wisps closer to the foreground. Thank you for seeing, recording, and sharing such beauty. ~ Lily

  6. Great time lapse video! and great location! My D7000 has time lapse feature as well. although I haven’t used it (not yet). I do like shooting videos and I have some on my Blog page here (http://kerioke.wordpress.com/videos/) i use Cyberlink PowerDirector for editing videos; it has many available output formats and i personally like the youtube format which it will spit out a file in best quality and compression for sharing on youtube. I find that all I need in a video editing program is for it to crop, stitch together, add title and subtitles (if needed) and add sound tracks and there are many software on the market that does that. I also have Adobe Lightroom 4 which allows you to make colour corrections to your video (like you do to a normal still image) but I never used these features before. Both of these programs are not free either. but if your going to get into video then it is worth paying for something that works best for you. Good thing is they have a 30 day trial. So why not try before you buy? oh and you need a good computer with a lot of resolving power if you get into video editing; like a Mac with quad core processor and a lot of ram. Anyway keep those videos comming! they are awesome!

  7. I recently played around with time lapse as well but my Canon doesn’t have the feature that the D800 does. Really liked the clip you put together – was the done in iMovie? I like the mixing of timelapse (video) with still photography. Really well done.

  8. Hı Dimtrii,

    I also make some tımelapses. Independently of the camera, the best is to anımate the shoots wıth an animation software (Toon Boom Animation, for ex). Before you can correct your shoots wıth PS or by batch processıng wıth Xnvıew for exemple.

    Check theses anımatıon done wıth a gopro and no postprod.

    I lıke the result even ıf ıt s a bıt raw…


      1. in the car, I shoot a 1 per second because the camera doesn t allow more, But ıt should be 2 per sec.

        after the gopro only allow 1 per sec, every 5,10,30,60sec. And the batery ıs a problem…

        Wıth your nıkon can you program ıt to shoot every X sec (wıthout gettıng a movıe but the .JPEG or sımılar)?

        1. yep, there is a function to do that, I can configure it to shoot every X seconds. The only problem is that at 36MP it will fill the card very quickly, even if shooting in JPEG.

        2. maybe you dont need so much qualıty to make a vımeo vıdeo…
          I usually downsıze the pıc at 800*600 before anımatıng, ıt s cheap, but anyway nobody watches my vıdeos 🙂

        3. downsizing can be done but then it won’t be good on large monitors or TVs and not HD quality. some day, when we become known :-), they will want to see it on all kind of devices

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