Late night in Seattle

Movie Making Software

Do any of you make movies? What software do you use to put different clips together, add photos, special effects, titles, captions, music, etc? I’ve been playing a bit with Windows Live Movie maker. Its free and it works. Just want to see what else is out there and have a good  reputation.

Seattle Space Needle

It was close to midnight when I made to the Kerry Park. My phone died about ten minutes prior to it, with directions to this place, so I had to drive somewhat blindfolded (it is amazing how quickly we get use to the conveniences of the smart phones with built in GPS and fine level maps). It was my first time in this part of Seattle and I didn’t really know what the park looks like. After a few back and force turns on parallel streets I found Kerry Park  with this nice view.

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  1. I have only ever used Windows Movie Maker, but there again, I rarely make movies so there would be no point in getting anything else. If you find something works well, why change to something else?

  2. I’ve only used the Windows Movie Maker too and like Mondrak I don’t use it enough to really make it worthwhile spending money on the software so sorry can’t help you there.

    This picture though is great! The skyline is stunning!

  3. I use Windows Movie Maker because I am still playing around with the
    program. I like it a lot. My friend uses Adobe PhotoShop Elements 9. She
    loves it but is really into videos making. Hope that helps ..!!! ???
    Great shot – love the lights … they sparkle.

  4. That is a FANTASTIC shot! I’m walking from my home in Gardnerville, NV to Seattle. Leaving in two days, on the 28th. It’s about 760 miles and will take me 45 to 60 days. I’ll be blogging during my trip. Hope you follow along.

    I’ve only used Windows Movie Maker, both the XP version and Windows 7 version (Live). I really prefer the older version compared to the Live version because it had an actual “timeline”, which made it much easier to work with. It was a lot easier to edit clips, add effects, control volume levels and a few other things. It could have used some more features, like a couple extra audio tracks etc etc, but, it’s a free program. But the thing I like about the Live version is that it’s the only free video editing software (that I know of) that will save video projects in hi-def. All the other programs charge extra for that. If I had the money to spend, I would gladly use a different program, something with a timeline.

  5. I’m starting to play around with video as well. I use iMovie now since I’m a Mac user and I also did a 30 day trial of Final Cut pro but honestly I’m not good enough at editing yet to warrant it. iMovie works great and for me it does everything I need at this point in time.

  6. Wonderful shot. I create tribute slideshows for weddings and other events and I use Pinnacle Studio for making movies. It’s an excellent program. I use that on my PC but I also have a MAC and use iMovie on that.

  7. I am actually editing a small clip I took today at Mt Rainier’s Christine Falls, using Windows Live Movie Maker. I have used it once before when i took video of Snoqualmie Falls. Something I may want to pursue a bit further as I shoot more water falls here in Washington.

  8. Seattle Lights stuff is super cool.
    I have been using moviemaker me novice video maker) cool thing them-maker, can’t figure how to put musci/sound simultaneously with the moving pictures tho. if u know how and got the time i would appreciate a tip.

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