Danger holes

Walking around tiding pools sometime can be dangerous. But tiding pools are really cool to explorer, so much of marine life with all of the starfishes and other cool creatures.

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26 thoughts on “Danger holes

  1. Hi,
    I love the rock formation, and how it has been carved out of thousands of years. You are so right about the marine life in some of these rock pools, just astonishing.

      1. Yes I should imagine there would also be caves underwater in this area, and there always seem to be a lot of marine life that live in caves, amazing creatures by what I have seen in different documentaries.

    1. yeah, most of the east coast does not have any tidal pools. not sure about Maine, but south of it it is pretty much flat

    1. Usually identify general area and go see what we can find there. Unless it is driving distance from where I live I don’t go to the same place more than once, vacations are short, a lot to see… so every day on vacation is usually different spots, and no time for scoping area for later return.

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