Biltmore Estate

One More Of the Biltmore House

Don’t like to repeat the same place almost two days in a row, but this photo illustrates high resolution capabilities of Nikon D800. Biltmore House at sunset.

Nikon D800

A few of you with investigative powers figured out that some recent images (including today’s) were taken with Nikon D800 camera. I ordered it from B&H on the day of announcement in hopes to get it in late March as my birthday gift and for our trip to San Francisco. I didn’t get it in March. I was patiently waiting for B&H to send me one sometime in April, but all I received is an apology that they have no idea when they can ship one. If you follow the news cycles around D800 you would know that Nikon was not expecting this level of demand for the camera and they distribute it to all resellers in equal quantities. So I had very little chance to get it from B&H. In early May I got a tip that Best Buy might have some  in stock, but you have to go into the store and use their special warehouse ordering system to order one. So I did and ten days later brand new D800 arrived at my door steps. From now on I’ll be using it as my primary camera. Since I still have most of my photos from prior travels taken with D90 that is what will be shown here most of the time, but as I manage to take more with the new camera some of the high resolution shots will appear as well.

I must say that I’m impressed with it so far. I never used FF camera before, and with such a huge resolution. The level of detail in produced photos is just incredible. I zoomed into the photo at 100% view and took a screen shot of the level of the detail. You can see it for yourself. This photos can be printed on huge canvases or displayed on huge high resolution monitors or HD TVs and not loose any detail, you’d be able to see it like you were almost there.


and this is at 100% normal view of the photo. Pretty awesome.


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  1. Now you are just making me jealous. I’ve got a friend in Tokyo, going to see if I can reduce the waiting time getting the D800E from Japan, otherwise a 5 month wait is going to kill me…lol

  2. I believe the best advantage of these hi-res cameras is the freedom to crop freely; even with very hard cropping you get reasonable final images.

  3. Well like the nIkon ad says, “Sorry, but you’re going to reshoot everything…” There’s a reson why Nikon’s top dog, The D4, has less than half the resolution of the D800. It’s speed! 12fps as opposed to 4! .. My D700 with the additional battery pack is twice as fast. But…. for what you do….3+ grand is probably a good buy. Have fun.

    1. I don’t need 12fps, or even 6fps. I really don’t shoot sports or birds or any other fast moving objects, so 4fps is good enough if I ever need to shoot something moving.

  4. These are fabulous. Interesting post, as I have been doing a similar type of evaluation on moving to the new Canon 5D Mark III. Using a 7D now, but FF is mighty tempting.

  5. I have resolved to stick with my D7000 for a number of years . . . but this kind of stuff makes it awfully tempting to upgrade. Then, of course, there would have to be new lenses and stuff . . . hmmmm . . .

    1. D800 will work with DX lenses, it will probably do the same photos as D7000. if you have no plans to invest into FX lenses then D7000 is a great camera to stay with.

  6. Just taking a closer look, and thinking… how spooky would it be if you saw a ghostly figure standing by the window… Just love the 100% crop. So much detail! you can put print the images on a bill board without any loss of detail!

  7. Amazing detail in this shot. I’m wondering if you have a comparison with your other camera to see just HOW different it is. Maybe a future post idea to show what you used to have versus what the new camera provides. May convince a few of us to take the leap.

  8. The D800 will work with DX lenses but doing so reduces the camera’s resolution from 36+ to right around 16 which is where the D7000 comes in resolution-wise. So, unless you wish to invest in full frame (FX) lenses, The D7000 would appear to be the best choice.

  9. I know Nikon D800, because I have read from it very much here in Finland. At this moment it is my dream camera. 🙂

    Happy blogging!

  10. I went to the Biltmore last year, before I starting getting into photography, and loved it. Going back now is on my priority list. These are great and keep the good work up!

  11. Finally received my D800 last week, but still plan on using my D200 for diversity and flexibility of photo projects. My Bisbee photo set was the first use of the D800.

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