Golden Gates

I think this is probably one of the least common views of the Golden Gates bridge. Most of them are taken from the north side or from the east side in San Francisco. I think most tourists don’t make to this part of the city. Walking is a bit far, I’m not sure if any public transportation really goes here, getting by car is the most convenient way, at least it is how we got here, driving out to the Pacific ocean I was trying to get some views of the bridge and we found our way to El Camino del Mar.


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17 Responses to Golden Gates

  1. This is a great shot! Awesome! =)

  2. Hmmm any reason why you did not HDR this shot?

  3. annandmeg says:

    I agree, not many people make it over for this view of GG. I like it partially because it’s more peaceful. Great photo! Glad you’ve enjoyed your trek around the bay area!

  4. What a perspective. A child would think the trees are bigger than the bridge.

  5. I like how this view shows the GG connecting two mountain ranges…no city in sight.

  6. The ‘Golden Gate’, through the gate in between the trees. Nice :).

  7. magsx2 says:

    Wow, I love this photo, the way you have taken it between the trees is just magnificent, very nice.

  8. Croick says:

    Nice. I assume this was taken between the bridge and Sausalito. We walked that road earlier this year. Missed your shot though!

  9. sherrysf says:

    Hi, I voted for you today~
    Your award can be found on my recent blog post. Cheers and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. They’re really stunning~,
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  10. dawn says:

    this is like a dream

  11. love the atypical SF shot! it’s so hard to take some travel snaps without thinking of how many others have taken the same frame… you escaped that nicely.

  12. Daniela says:

    A very dreamy and pretty capture of the GGB.

    (Thanks for liking some of my posts. It’s much appreciated.)

  13. I’m pretty much infatuated with anything California related, and the Golden Gate Bridge is no exception. I love this photo, it’s taken from a really original angle that I haven’t seen used in a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge before. Very impressive!

  14. Gunta says:

    I lived in the Bay Area for years back in the 70s. Sadly, weeks before I moved away, my apartment was broken into and the slide projector with several carousels were stolen taking all of my favorite shots of that time. This one alone almost makes up for the loss. It’s breathtaking. San Francisco is such a photogenic location, but the GG bridge has been done so much. Yours is such a refreshing look at it because it manages to put it into context with the area surrounding it. Very lovely. (Also glad you don’t overdo the HDR)

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