Biltmore House

Last weekend we went to Asheville for a quick overnight trip, I wanted to take some sunset shots of the Biltmore House. The skies had last minute insurgence with some clouds and we had just a bit of the sun. This photo was taken when sun completely escaped from us behind the clouds, with just a bit of color left to the right.

btw, this photo was taken with very high resolution camera and really better seen in high resolution, with all kind of details, which can be done just by clicking on it.

Click me! I look even better in High Resolution.

44 thoughts on “Biltmore House

  1. Hi,
    Wow, that is a fantastic photo, and what a stunning place, the architecture of the building is magnificent and the grounds are just unreal, and a perfect view to set it all off, just amazing.

    1. sunset is about three hours after they stop ticket sales and they usually close the road to it an hour or so before sunset, so very few people are there at that time. During holidays it is a different story, I think they keep house open for longer hours and it is croweded no matter what time it is.

  2. It’s a beautiful place inside and out! I went to the Biltmore House and toured the area a few years ago. The inside is captivating just as well. Great shot you’ve taken. 🙂

      1. Very impressed, what a great upgrade! Ive been reading all about it. Have fun with your new toy, and keep them pictures comming!

  3. Did you take that with the Nikon D800, stunning detail in the picture I Just put in an order for the D800E but I’m going to have to wait for up to 5 months for it to arrive……argh

    1. yep, i did, I’m going to make a mention of it in my next post. good luck with getting E version. I hear it will take a while, just like you said.

  4. What a great and beautiful house and surroundings, a nice place to photograph – and you made a super shot this evening!

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