Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one for you guys today. I’ve been pretty busy over last few days and didn’t have a chance to find less descriptive one for today. But I like this one, it has some character to it, Chicken Alley, how often do you see streets named like that? And the mural just adds to it.

So here is the question. Which came first, the chicken (the mural) or the egg, ummm, I mean the sign?


21 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I don’t know where this is but it sure is a fun street.
    Ithink the sign came first. It is inconceivable to think
    that someone would see the mural and say, ” MMMM … let’s
    call this street Chicken Alley”. Nope – don’t think so. Just a thought ~~~~ : – )

  2. thanks all for stopping by. I have no idea what came first, but as many of you guessed, my vote goes for the sign. As far as the place, it is in Asheville NC. I just did a search on it and this alley actually suppose to have many more murals/graffity. I didn’t ventured into it dark corners at that late of the hour…otherwise I probably would take some photos of it as well.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Tomorrow is another photo from Asheville area.

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