Columbia River

I think it was the first stop on our scenic drive from Portland to The Dalles Oregon. One of the most beautiful views over it as well. The scenic road takes you along multiple waterfalls, you’ll be able to stop at the house you see on the right, and have more gorgeous views. Slowly it will take you to the Cascades and then to the Hood River. I took this photo from the Rooster Rock Rd at Portland’s Women Forum State Park, it is right off the Historic Columbia River Hwy.

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21 thoughts on “Columbia River

  1. Dmitrii – I’ve been to that same spot. Lots of neat waterfalls in that area (including Multnomah Falls, but that is a little crowded…

  2. Oh how beautiful, and it sounds like paradise with the waterfalls and such. I need to get over my fear of flying and get to the pacific northwest.

  3. I there’s anything more beautiful than the view, it’s the treachery with which the wind blows through the gorge. I remember getting out of the car and having to lay down so as not to tumble over because of the wind. Still, well worth it because the view is breathtaking.

  4. Thanks for leaving a LIKE at my blog (pairodox.wordpress). As a result I checked out yours … I was blown away. HDR techniques have caught my eye before and your beautiful renderings made me think, once more, about trying some of the techniques. I have always thought that many of my images lacked depth and dynamic range. It seems HDR would be just the trick. But, it would seem that the learning curve is really steep. Anyway … love many of your images. Really nice stuff. D

  5. We live just 20 miles over the hill to the mighty Columbia…having grown up here I often travel down the freeway into The Gorge to Portland. We used to go boating on the Columbia as a family with the kids when they were growing up…and before the damns were put in back in the mid 1920’s my Dad used to ride bareback on one of his Dad’s horses to the Columbia from where I live today to go swimming! We have to drive over the Columbia to get to Washington state to shop in the Tri-Cities. By the way did you stop at Crown Point too? In all the years I have seen the Columbia it still takes my breath away…..such a mighty river:) If you rejoined the freeway east you would drive through Pendleton, Oregon and we live 20 miles North of there:) Great photos as always:)

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