Mt St Helen

Resting… Waiting for next blow up… It could be in our lifetime, could be thousand years from now…

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35 thoughts on “Mt St Helen

  1. Hi,
    A very nice photo, you would not believe the devastation that the mountain can cause, it just looks so peaceful and serene in the photo.

  2. A lovelly image. Foreground a great contrast. But when ever an image of St. Helen is shown my mind flashes back to those dramatic scenes of devastation……the power that could so quickly be released. Reminds us all how fragile we are in so powerful a world/universe!

  3. Just so you know… before May 18th, 1980 there were 13 or 14 eruptions of St Helens from 1800 to 1857.

    It’s likely that the next big eruption will be sooner rather than later. It has a long history of eruptions. Native American Indians had many names for St. Helens… including “Lady of Fire” and “Smoking Mountain”.

    My favorite picture I took of St. Helens was one on Johnston Ridge at the spot where Volcanologist David Johnston met his maker. His famous last words were, “Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it”. His body was never found.

    1. yep, she can blow any time. recently we watched documentary on national geographic about it, amazing stuff. the cool part was how quickly life around it recovered, only took 2-3 years for lakes to get oxigen back and get the whole cycle going.

  4. Thank you very much. I have a sort of project about making mountains, so at the moment, I,m glad with every mountain I see, so thanks a lot for your beautiful mountain.

  5. Nice composition! The part of Mount St. Helens which had the devastating landslide in contrast with the bright flowers in the foreground symbolizing how life never ceases, beautiful :).

  6. Great perspective on this image. I get a real sense of the expanse of valley just beyond the flowers leading to the mountain. Still looks pretty ominous after all these years.

  7. I like the colorful wildflowers in the foreground and then the massive giant with its snowy peaks in the back. Lovely! 🙂

  8. Great photo of a great and beautiful ( and dangerous) mountain. You found a super foreground with these red flowers!

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