Sailing Puget Sound

I believe I took this photo off the ferry going to either Alki Beach or to the Bainbridge Island, can’t recall which one. I think based on our positioning it was probably from the Alki Beach ferry. It is not really a ferry, it is more like a water taxi, you can’t bring your car on it, and only takes about 5-10 minutes to cross it, depending on how fast they decide to go. Sailing boats are always cool looking, at least to me, especially with some nice background, like a sunset or skyscrapers of a large city.

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21 thoughts on “Sailing Puget Sound

    1. sailing? I’ve done it couple time as a passenger, pretty cool, as long as weather nice, not sure if I’d want to be there during high winds though

        1. you are right about it, it will have the speed, I just never done it in those conditions, so might be a bit nervous on the first time.

        2. Then the rush hits and you will just love it. You are cconcentrating so much on working the boat that it just becomes part of the experience. Ultra fun.

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