Friday Mystery Photo

Pretty flowers for you on this Friday! Cool mural I saw on the wall and here it is in its glory. But where is it? Hard one. It could be anywhere where they have large brick walls and allow to paint on them. Pretty much anywhere in the world. All I can give you is that it is above parking lot, hehe, big help, and that it is facing north, another clue, and that it is in a one cool city. Gave it away… I’m sure now you know where it is… Anyone?

btw, this is my 7th Friday Mystery Photo, I’m starting to look forward to it every week, how about you? are you staying all night to see what it is going to be, Winking smile, in anticipation, nervous, asking yourself, what is it going to be and do I know it…haha, probably not, its ok…

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35 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I have no idea what city this mural is in, but it is a definite asset to the city it is in. 🙂 Beautiful addition to a brick wall. Beautiful share.

  2. Silverton, Oregon has many great murals on brick walls, although I don’t recognize this particular one. And since Silverton is more
    of a town than a city, then my odds are long. 🙂

  3. Just spent the last hour or so going through your various blogs. Great photographs – real inspiration to the rest of us!!
    I have no cooking clue where this wall is 🙂

  4. San Francisco? I only say that because you called San Fran a “cool city” in one of your recent posts. Rang a bell. The shot of the mural really is amazing. It would make a fabulous poster or print.

  5. ok, here are some additional clues… it is not a coastal city, more like near the mountains, it has public university in it, you’d see a lot of hippies and art inclined fellows around there… now almost gave it away

  6. I don’t know either, but my guesses would be similar to “canoe & communications”: Boulder? Denver? Idaho? I also like the “Friday Mystery Photo”.

    1. cool, i’ll try to continue with this little tradition. btw, it is not in any of those places, i’d like to visit them some day

  7. ok, so it was an impossible one to answer, I bet most people who lives in Asheville NC will not recognize it, even so it is located a few blocks from downtown. so there it is, Asheville NC, a college city, art city, with plenty of hippies and other interesting looking folk.

  8. Oops, I did not see that you had already said that it was in Asheville. I live near Asheville and there are a number of interestingf murals there.


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