Sleepless in San Francisco

Actually quite contrary, I wanted to get more sleep, but how often do I have a chance to visit San Francisco and go see sunrise at the Fisherman’s Warf? This was the first photo I took that day. Didn’t plan to take it at all, but as we were walking towards the Pier 39 I saw this trolley coming towards us, it took me couple seconds to put camera down on the ground, level it, frame it and push the trigger. No time for a second shot. The driver gave me a high five (over the air, Smile) as he was passing us. It was a good start for a good day in a cool city.

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36 thoughts on “Sleepless in San Francisco

      1. Absolutely. You’ve got to put the work in, even when you’re tired and frustrated and can’t find anything. And then pop! the universe opens up and hands you something on a plate. That’s the magic. And like anything, the harder you work at it the more magic is made available to you. Wonderful!

  1. There is no more beautiful city in the US than San Francisco. Good for you for enjoying every second of it! Good for us you had a camera in hand! 🙂

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