Sunrise at Mt Hood

It was a cold day on the mountain, super windy, especially at the higher elevations, above the tree lines. I ventured out to take some photos before sunrise, dressed like I was going to snowboard, my long socks, snowboarding boots, pants and a few layers of top wear and of course a good warm hat. It felt nice and comfy.

Clouds started coming in over night, as the day before we had gorgeous day with clear blue skies, you might remember this photo I posted couple month ago. So as it happens many times with coming clouds from the west, they have not fully reached horizon on the east and during sunrise sun was popping in and out, giving me some nice views. Here is one of the photos from that nice morning in the Oregon mountains.

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74 thoughts on “Sunrise at Mt Hood

  1. I enjoy your photos very much. Thank you for the “like” on Magnolia Grandiflora. I hope you have checked out a gallery or two at my SmugMug website. Corinthrose will get you there! Thanks again for your encouragement.

  2. Very nice, This is one of the only HDR’s I’ve seen involving snow that actually looks great. Usually the snow gets really gray & mucky looking, this doesn’t. Did you mask the snow back in?

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