Ruby Beach

I wish I was there again, inhale the salty wind, enjoy sunset and just have a good time. Well, some day I hope we manage to visit it again. Have a good weekend everyone!

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45 thoughts on “Ruby Beach

  1. Hi,
    Very unusual how the rocks have formed. Is that an Island in the background or is it an odd part of the mainland? A great photo, and looks like a lovely place to go walking as well.

  2. very nice. ah, the salt air. so invigorating. you’re close to my favorite part of the world (la push, just west of forks). i hope you are able to visit. the hike to second and third beaches are abundantly rewarding.

    1. it is, photography brings it very close to reality, but I wish it could bring that feeling even more, so hard to capture, the mist over the evening ocean, lighted up by the setting sun is really cool.

  3. This is one of the best beach pictures that I have ever seen….LOVE it! 🙂

    1. it is a cool place, we spent there only about 40 minutes, right around sunset, would be cool to visit for a little longer and hike north or south

    1. thanks. the foreground is a little creek coming down into the ocean, it is very shallow and easy to get over to the other side

    1. I think it is a big rock, probably can be qualified as an island. not sure what qualifies something to be an island? full time surrounding by water and some vegetation?

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