Friday Mystery Photo

Happy Friday Everyone, it is finally here! Any cool plans this weekend anyone care to share? I don’t think we have any big plans, probably going to stay in town and just chill. But I’m typing this on Thursday night and might change mind about weekend plans by Friday night, that is possible. We are spontaneous like that, hehe.

OK, back to our mystery photo. Where is that? or even better, what this little alley called?  No clues to give you, as any would probably give it right away.

Click me!

42 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. This has to be in Charleston, Dmitrii! There are so many alleys there.. not sure which. I see a single house in the background, so I think I am right… we’ll see!

    1. You are right, Can’t keep a mystery for too long, you guys know it all :-). It is a Stoll’s Alley, connecting E Bay St to Church St.

  2. My first thought was Charleston, but there are beautiful brick alleys in so many places. Wherever it is, this is a very nice photo of it.

  3. ok, so a few of you figured it out that it is in Charleston. I will give away the name of the alley – Stoll’s Alley. Unless you know that it is there, most people just pass it by. We went through it on couple different ocasions and I beleive both times saw some wedding photos taken around it. If you know where it is, which local wedding photogs know, then it is a popular place to scroll through.

  4. Great photo, from a great town. Charleston has so much that is hidden away. I wish I could have found more of it when I was there, because we have nothing like that alley around here in Wisconsin. I love the color, and how narrow it is… I bet it looks awesome at night.

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