Party Boat

While visiting St Augustine we went to the bridge to get some photos of the city with sunset behind it. With not a single cloud in the sky it was not really happening, I mean sunset was not happening. There were a few other folks with cameras bit disappointed as well.

At one point we heard the siren indicating that bridge will be raised, attendant had to scream at me because I was not on the right side of the barrier…hehe, I was standing behind that green fence on the left, so after I moved over they raised the bridge and this party boat passed through. Loud with music and party rocking.

Click me!

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25 Responses to Party Boat

  1. too good, i love the way the vignette has been used here

  2. John says:

    Excellent! And what a dandy place to get your brew on too. 🙂

  3. Kyla says:

    I want on THAT party boat! Great pic!

  4. I so want to ride on that party boat…looks like an old time pirate ship….Awesome! Thanks for sharing. You made my morning. 🙂

  5. Great colors and composition – nice work!

  6. Lori DiNardi says:

    St. Aug is my favorite spot in this state where I live. There are lots of places to get some good photo shots. I have one of St. George street at night hanging on my wall. I’d love to see you put up more of the place if you have them. I love it there.

  7. What is it about boats, water and parties that just appeal to us? You captured it here for sure.

  8. norinep says:

    I like the subject and the composition very much. The colors and scene make me want to stand in the same spot and watch the boats go by!

  9. Perfect capture … looks like a pirate ship.

  10. PC PHOTO says:

    I recognized the Lions bridge before even reading your post 🙂

  11. orples says:

    What a clever design for a boat. It is charming. 🙂 Great photo of it, too!

  12. The boat looks cool…reminds me of ONE PIECE pirates’ boats….well if you know what I mean…err… from a famous japanese manga.

  13. April says:

    Partying on a boat is one of the more fun things you can do if you have access to an ocean and a boat. Everyone is having a good time and looking their best and the booze does not stop flowing! I went on a boat for a friend’s bachlorette party in Florida this past summer and had much more fun then expected. We were in Palm Bay and we all stayed at the Palm Bay Hotel ( Affordable for all of us and the rooms were huge so there was no lack of space to get ready!

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