Bond 45

Basic Information on My Photos

Sometimes you guys ask me about what settings I had on my camera when I took some of these photos. I don’t mind to tell you that, especially that it is publically available and you can look it up your self as well. All you have to do is to click on the photo and open it in my photo gallery at There you’ll need to click on it so it is minimized, then point to the smaller version on the right side of the window and you’ll see a little dialog box with blue letter “i”. Click on it and another little window will pop up with basic information on the photo. Like today’s photo is taken with f/2.8, ISO 200, 58 mm.

New York Street Signs

Well, the only reason I took this photo is because…well, really only reason because I thought all of these signs look cool together from this angle. BOND 45 in all three directions.


14 thoughts on “Bond 45

  1. Hi dimitrii, i have been looking for a photo hosting website, which you can upload unlimited photos without harming the size of your original fimage and also retaining those important picture information, and when you mentioned smugsmug, i just had to check their page. Thank you for sharing.

    1. there are a few of those sites out there. I use smugmug for couple years now, it is easy and i do hope that one day I’ll actually be able to sell some prints too, which their site is designed well to do. Another site I use is, I do not link to it from my blog, instead I put my photos there and link them back to this blog, in hopes that it will bring traffic here, which it does not…

  2. I’m the type of photgrapher who would walk past something like this day after day and complain of nothing to photograph. I’ve got to train my eye. Your posts are helping me do that. Thank you. Now, besides the information on your settings for this photo, where was it taken? The sign looks oddly familiar, like something out of my past.

  3. Very good eye…I love to see more in a single shot then whats expected! Oh and thank you for liking my amateur photography…I am new at blogspot and photography but I am not going to stop! Your information that you share is awesome too!!! I am definitely going to follow you!

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