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Swampy lands

Nothing comes to mind as I write this. Hmm, it happens once in a while. This is a swamp. Okefenokee Swamp to be more specific. In Georgia.

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Hiking NC Mountains

Time Lapse with D800 D800 has built in function to make time lapse movies. It allows to to choose the frequency of each capture and total length of the capture sequence. At the end of the time lapse, camera will … Continue reading

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Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago I decided to start a little photo blog and share some of my photography. Two years ago on this day I put a first photo on this blog. Interestingly, as a first test post I put photo … Continue reading

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Late night in Seattle

Movie Making Software Do any of you make movies? What software do you use to put different clips together, add photos, special effects, titles, captions, music, etc? I’ve been playing a bit with Windows Live Movie maker. Its free and … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

Depending on which route you take it might take you between 45 minutes to 3 hours of hiking to get to this spot. It leads you to one of the highest spots in this part of the mountains. If you … Continue reading

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Danger holes

Walking around tiding pools sometime can be dangerous. But tiding pools are really cool to explorer, so much of marine life with all of the starfishes and other cool creatures.

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Lonely Barn

How come most barns are so lonely? Always somewhere far away from the main living area, in the field, away in the mountains. These types of barns must be used only to store some hay or something. It would be … Continue reading

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