Swampy lands

Nothing comes to mind as I write this. Hmm, it happens once in a while. This is a swamp. Okefenokee Swamp to be more specific. In Georgia.

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Hiking NC Mountains

Time Lapse with D800

D800 has built in function to make time lapse movies. It allows to to choose the frequency of each capture and total length of the capture sequence. At the end of the time lapse, camera will combine all captures into time lapsed movie, with 24 frames/sec. The good side of this is that you don’t have to do a lot, frame it, set aperture, ISO and choose the time lapse function in settings. Push the button and wait. 10 minutes of 1 capture per every 5 seconds will produce 4 seconds of the movie. 25 minutes will make 10 seconds. One major downside to it is inability to modify the quality of the captures before they are merged into the final clip. If some parts are over exposed or under exposed they will be shown like that in the movie. There is a way to take a lot of captures without making actual movie and process them via 3rd party software, like LR, but I have to tried it yet.

So I’ve been playing a bit with time lapse on my D800. Here is the first movie. If you have problem watching it from inside this blog, you can see direct via this link.


Moody Skies

And this is one of the photos you saw in the above video.

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Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago I decided to start a little photo blog and share some of my photography. Two years ago on this day I put a first photo on this blog. Interestingly, as a first test post I put photo taken by my daughter. As a good luck charm perhaps. For the first eighteen month I used the default WordPress template and didn’t do any type of customizations, I just posted some photos, some months more some less. About six month ago I decided to get a bit more personal, learned a bit of CSS and customized the look at feel of this blog the way I wanted it. I decided to post at least twenty photos per month and so far staying on focus with it. I’m happy where I am with this blog. I think I have a good number of consistent followers (you know who you are Smile) and a good number of folks who come and go. I hope you come back and bring your friends and family. Please do.

I really appreciate you all coming here day after day. Thank You!

I’m not posting any new photos today. Instead, I decided to post five photos that received the most amount of ‘likes’ from you guys. The five most popular photos from the last six months are:

Sunrise at Mt Hood (link)

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Niagara Falls Sunset (link)

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Seattle Lights (link)

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The Hook (link)

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Golden Gates (link)

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Late night in Seattle

Movie Making Software

Do any of you make movies? What software do you use to put different clips together, add photos, special effects, titles, captions, music, etc? I’ve been playing a bit with Windows Live Movie maker. Its free and it works. Just want to see what else is out there and have a good  reputation.

Seattle Space Needle

It was close to midnight when I made to the Kerry Park. My phone died about ten minutes prior to it, with directions to this place, so I had to drive somewhat blindfolded (it is amazing how quickly we get use to the conveniences of the smart phones with built in GPS and fine level maps). It was my first time in this part of Seattle and I didn’t really know what the park looks like. After a few back and force turns on parallel streets I found Kerry Park  with this nice view.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Depending on which route you take it might take you between 45 minutes to 3 hours of hiking to get to this spot. It leads you to one of the highest spots in this part of the mountains. If you take my current route you have to clime at least 5 different ladders, each 20 to 30 feet long. I just stepped off one of those ladders, edged my self on the side of the cliff to take this photo, before climbing another one. Up and up.

So where is this and what that mountain in front of me is known for?

As always, it is much better viewed in higher resolution, just click on it to get there.

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