California Sunset

Reading Your Own Blogs

Do you read your own blog posts from some past back? I don’t do this too often, but once in a while, mostly after one of you my great visitors leave a comment on some not so recent post (and I have more than 400 of them now Smile) I go and check it out, and usually end up reading my own post as well. Most of the time I actually get quite a nice surprise, like wow, did I write that? I usually remember the photo very well, but the writing is always spontaneous, based on my mood and what I remember about the location or experience while taking the photo. I guess it is one of the reasons we write these posts, to go once in a while  and remind us about cool things that we did once upon a time.

Sunset at Point Reyes

On our second night in California we stayed in Petaluma. The day was windy and rainy, with bands of rain clouds come and go. We did some touristy things in Calistoga, unsuccessfully tried to taste some wine in Napa valley, drove back over the ridge to Sonoma valley while getting ambushed by hail. We ended up tasting wine at one of the wineries in Sonoma valley, they are a bit more relax compare to Napa and don’t require reservations (seriously? Napa is so commercialized that to taste their wine one requires reservation…nuts).

At the end of the day I wanted to go and catch sunset over Pacific ocean, so we took off from Petaluma towards the ocean, and straight into full overcast and nonstop rain. It was a bit depressing, all the way from Tomales to Point Reyes Station on HW1 rained nonstop and I thought we’d just do a loop and go back to our hotel. But right around Point Reyes Station there was a hint of light on the west with some hope of clear skies. By the time we arrived at Point Reyes we had blue sky over our heads.

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Niagara Falls Sunset

This was taken couple days before Christmas from the Canadian side. I wonder how the same sunset would look like from the US side? I think you would see the sun with the Horse Shoe Falls from the US side, not just the projection of it on the mist from it. As always, higher resolution image is better to enjoy.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post from New York City!

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New York–Looking North

After I took “Times Square Reflections” photo I had to go back to hotel and change my shoes, they were soaked wet. When I went back out the rain stopped and most of the clouds were blown away. I decided to walk down the Broadway and see a bit of the city. When I came up to the Empire State Building I decided to check if they are still open, if was around 10PM – they were open! Up on the observation deck the wind was so intense and cold, not much fun to be there, forget about taking leisure photos. Their security does not allow tripods all the way up so I had to shoot it all handheld. Thankfully it was possible to prep camera against the walls and other stable objects and eliminate the shake.

Today’s photo is looking north west from the Empire State Building. BTW, photo like this is better viewed in higher resolution, just click on it to see it large.

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Sharing the Catch

Friday is here, finally, and we have another photo from undisclosed location. Can you figure out where I took it?

We were watching all of these fishermen getting off the boat, laying all of their catch on the dock and then each one of them getting their fare share of fish. They carried it of the dock to the open part of the building and couple guys sliced them all into fillets. Seagulls were lurking around but got nothing. It was a nice little show.

Location – couple visitors identified this location, did not take that long, wow, and they even didn’t look at the boat name. Very impressive. Anyway, this was taken on a nice afternoon at Depoe Bay in Oregon. The world’s smallest harbor. There were a few seals lurking around in the water as well so we had a good time out there.

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Self Portrait

Times Square is full of surprises. It is not only that you going to see all kind of cool stuff, weird people and just a huge melting pot of everything, sometimes you might even get a glance of yourself on the giant flat screen TV. But it not ends there, you can actually make stupid gestures, jump around while watching yourself doing it. I guess little kid never dies in us, well, at least in many of us. I’m sure some people would never do anything like this in public. Because they are… just because they will not do anything like this in public.

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