Friday Mystery Photo

I hope everyone is having a good Friday and looking forward to a nice weekend. I’m sure looking forward to it.

To keep with my newly established tradition I’m not disclosing location of this photo. Lets see if anyone recognizes this place. Should I provide a hint? hmm, maybe, lets just say that if a good earthquake strikes, I would not want to be inside of it.

Click me!

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33 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. penbow says:

    Have a great weekend!, the photo is stunning but the church is’nt so bad either : )

  2. Wow! just looking over all of your photos. You use such amazing and sharp color in everything! I wish I had a print for my wall! Keep up the amazing photography!

    • Dmitrii says:

      you can always click on the image and download higher resolution copy from my gallery and prinit iit on your own computer. but if you want a professional quality print you can order it from there as well, which will use the original high resolution (12MP for D90) image and get printed by one of the professional shops.

  3. Great photo but I don’t have any idea where it is but I’d love to see it myself so looking forward to the reveal.

  4. Madhu says:

    Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo or the the Carmel mission in Carmel, California! And that is an ‘inverted Catenary arch’ ceiling 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    I love this image. I’m guessing you are in southern California, New Mexico or Arizona. It reminds me of the Spanish mission I visited outside of Tucson, called The Star of the Desert ) San Xavier ( By the depth of the windows in your mission, it looks like the thick walls might withstand an earthquake (as it must have in the past). Love how you captured the architecture, the curved roof, the icons. Great history. It looks cool inside and I suspect it’s very hot outside.

    • Dmitrii says:

      Hi Mary, as Madhu righlty identified, it is in Carmel California. The walls are very thick, but as you enter into the church there is a sign indicating that this building was not earthquake proof and that it might collapse if one to happen.

  6. Have seen it before in California…beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing it and your creativity. Jay

  7. EduDad says:

    Followed your like on my site back to yours and I am thankful I did. Wow! Your photos are outstanding.

  8. weedimageoftheday says:

    I was going to guess Santa Barbara Mission Church, but someone else guessed correctly. I could tell it was in California, though! Lovely photo & a good one for the day.

  9. Dimitri, the fact that the picture is not straight and miss some perspective correction ruins some what the nice subject.

  10. Wonderful perspective and symmetry!

  11. EV▲N says:

    Great symmetry indeed bro! keep it coming! *thumbsup*

  12. Great pic! How do you edit photos into HDR? Btw I’m following your blog now 🙂

    • Dmitrii says:

      Hi, thanks for stopping by. My workflow is described in my HDR 101 tutorial. Read it through and see if it fits how you want to do it or modify it for your specifc needs

  13. No idea where…..but sacred and beautiful….reminds me of the church I grew up in here:) Thank you for sharing:)

  14. Amazing quality of light. Beautiful.

  15. orples says:

    I’ll bet the acoustics in this little church are superb. I love the window well, and obviously the arches. Wonderful share. Do you have any outside shots of this little gem?

  16. aqueoussun says:

    Very nicely done….

  17. jane tims says:

    Hi. I love the colored light through the window on the right. The colors are repeated throughout the photo. Very serene. Jane

  18. Unsungpoet says:

    One of the California Missions…not Dolores, I’m not sure which one…

  19. Justin says:

    A favorite spot of mine – well done indeed.

  20. I saw this one on your smugmug when I clicked on the Biltmore House picture. Don’t know how I missed it last week – fantastic shot. The clarity is awesome and the scene is captured perfectly. Usually I hate having people in my picture but having them there just adds so much to this.

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