And There was a Light

On our first day in California we saw sun light two times. Sunset and sunrise. At sunset we were at the Point Reyes, sunrise we decided to see over San Francisco Bay with Golden Gate Bridge in front of us. Most of the sunrise was not a big event, as you can see clouds were all over the sky, but there was a little break on the horizon with sun picking out couple times as it went up. Then for about 1-2 minutes we were enlightened with this view.

Click me!

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45 Responses to And There was a Light

  1. mondrak says:

    WOW! I can only repeat what Animalcouriers says: It is stunning.

  2. J. Haag says:

    Great light mood! I love San Francisco and I will come back one day (currently planning for 2014). I still remember that week in 2010. From my point of view SF definitely is the most European city in the U.S.

  3. yogesh chauhan says:

    Mindblowing ๐Ÿ™‚ colours are just amazing!
    even i had tried once ..hope u like it !!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how much it pays to hang around a site to wait for just the right moment to snap a picture. Clearly your patience paid off with this wonderful shot.

  5. I have been going back and working on my SF shots this week, so this really resonates. Really tremendous shot!

  6. A famous War Photographer used to describe this type of light as ‘Gods Fingers’……heavenly light it is!

  7. Glamorholic says:

    You always take the best pictures. This one is absolutely wonderful.


  8. Amazing the light! As if it were a message

  9. Zhongmin Li says:

    Very beautiful sunset.

  10. J. Haag says:

    My second comment on this picture :-). This picture made me go through our travel report on U.S.A. South-West and looking at the pictures over and over again. I hope you don’t mind, if I share the link: The travel report is in German, sorry for this, but the pictures on the last page speak for themselves.

  11. Magical … just magical!

  12. truels says:

    So magic and beautiful!

  13. Alaska Girl at Heart says:

    I don’t know what to say, but Wow! Definitely a favorite.

  14. Pat Bean says:

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Magnificent moment … great capture!

  16. Awesome rays from the heavens.

  17. mrauthentik says:

    Reblogged this on AUTHENTIKZ and commented:
    Unbelievable. Awesome Imagery!

  18. mrauthentik says:

    Amazing imagery!!! Very very talented.

  19. Jane Lurie says:

    Gorgeous! Great moment.

  20. orples says:

    Now, that is an impressive capture! Good job.

  21. Virginia says:

    Beautiful photo!!!

  22. This is really just an amazing shot. Breathtaking!

  23. Love dramatic crepuscular-ray shots. This is fantastic.

  24. I enjoy visiting your blog and I like your style of photography.

  25. The light is gorgeous! Beautiful photo as always ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Sibella says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Your photos inspire me to paint!

  27. This is a lovely shot, would love to know your camera settings, if you remember them.

    • Dmitrii says:

      Hi, if you want to see camera settings on any of my photos, all you have to do is click on the image which will take you to my photo gallery at, then go into the gallery, point to photo on the right side and you’ll see little dialog box, click on little blue ‘i”, it will show photo information. This photo shows F/5.6, ISO 200, 70 mm.

      • Thanks for the info. I took a look at your smugmug site as well. I am considering getting a site through them, so thanks also for your comments about that on the Bond 45 post. I loved the color in that shot as well.

  28. stuartpics says:

    Right Place, Right Time ๐Ÿ™‚

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