Street Level NYC

While walking in downtown NYC I had to stop on a red light and had a chance to hang out with a few other pedestrians. They didn’t mind. It is probably their corner in their hood, they knew that I’ll move away.

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23 thoughts on “Street Level NYC

    1. thanks for sharing. one day I want to walk into one of those squares in Europe, straight into these doves, let them take off, circle around me and come back. one day I’ll do this.

      1. You just want the same experience that “NOW WHAT?” gave as an example earlier. It’s means good luck. For those wandering what I’m saying, my first job interview, a bird left a drop on my head. I got the Job! “NOW WHAT?”

      2. The best places to do this are definetly found in Italy, e.g. Venice or Milano. I definitely like your picture from NY because of the perspective and the depth of the picture.

  1. Funny, when I saw your photo it reminded me of my first job interview. I was in New York City, walking from Grand Central station to the fashion district, going on my first job interview. While walking the streets of New York city, A bird just like the one’s in your photo decided to go to the bathroom on my head. I will never forget just standing there with my mouth open in utter shock. This nice man stopped to help clean me off. I was taught to walk New York city as you own it, this way you don’t look like you’re from out of town, and no one will bother you. I got the Job.
    Great site! “NOW WHAT?”

  2. Great angle, but I still can’t get over the ick factor. NYC pigeons are the worst! Saw one eating a strip of bacon… there was something so wrong about that.

  3. I am relative new to the technical aspects of photography but the depth of field is spot on. Nicely done and I just love the point of view from which it was taken!

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