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Do you read your own blog posts from some past back? I don’t do this too often, but once in a while, mostly after one of you my great visitors leave a comment on some not so recent post (and I have more than 400 of them now Smile) I go and check it out, and usually end up reading my own post as well. Most of the time I actually get quite a nice surprise, like wow, did I write that? I usually remember the photo very well, but the writing is always spontaneous, based on my mood and what I remember about the location or experience while taking the photo. I guess it is one of the reasons we write these posts, to go once in a while  and remind us about cool things that we did once upon a time.

Sunset at Point Reyes

On our second night in California we stayed in Petaluma. The day was windy and rainy, with bands of rain clouds come and go. We did some touristy things in Calistoga, unsuccessfully tried to taste some wine in Napa valley, drove back over the ridge to Sonoma valley while getting ambushed by hail. We ended up tasting wine at one of the wineries in Sonoma valley, they are a bit more relax compare to Napa and don’t require reservations (seriously? Napa is so commercialized that to taste their wine one requires reservation…nuts).

At the end of the day I wanted to go and catch sunset over Pacific ocean, so we took off from Petaluma towards the ocean, and straight into full overcast and nonstop rain. It was a bit depressing, all the way from Tomales to Point Reyes Station on HW1 rained nonstop and I thought we’d just do a loop and go back to our hotel. But right around Point Reyes Station there was a hint of light on the west with some hope of clear skies. By the time we arrived at Point Reyes we had blue sky over our heads.

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64 thoughts on “California Sunset

  1. Love the photo. The colours are so rich. What camera are using here?
    I know you’ve commented on some of the stuff on my blog, I think I’ve taken a couple of really nice shot, nothing that would make me a ‘photographer’, but I’m looking at the next step for a start DSLR. I’ve got a Sony Cybershot right now which I love, I just know that soon I will want something more powerful with greater flexibility. Any suggestions?
    Looking forward to more pics from you soon.

  2. This photograph looks like a beautiful painting. It is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I’m originally from the Golden State. Seeing your photo of Point Reyes makes me a little homesick!

  3. Hi Dmitrii–I was originally intrigued by your topic question… Do you read your own posts? It’s funny… once in a while I do the same, and I agree, it’s a nice memory of why I took a shot or what I was feeling at the time. In that respect, my blog is also a little like a personal journal–albeit a journal of my photographic experiences. I mainly do it for myself, but if others enjoy it and leave comments, then it’s a wonderful plus. I also really like the image above… it’s a soothing image, technically well done, and a perfect shot of the California coast. But what I really like is the story of how it happened. Sometimes you just have to stick around, and give nature a chance–those little slivers of light are worth all the waiting!

  4. The only words for this photo, truly amazing! It’s funny sometimes there is such an expectation for getting a great shot and then the weather doesn’t cooperate, it can be a letdown. Your perseverance and determination to follow through, produced this shot, and the shore looks like it goes on forever!
    Reading my own old posts reminds me of the life I am committed to living each day and I agree, sometimes I surprise myself.
    Really great work!

    1. believe me, I had many let downs with weather, as many other folks I’m sure, just have to be persistent and opportunities comes around

  5. My blog is all retrospective, so it’s all sort of that going back and seeing what I wrote in the past. It’s quite cathartic and a good reminder of where I’ve come from, how I’ve gotten here. Beautiful photograph of Point Reyes. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful picture, love it. Brings back memories of driving from L.A. to Carmel on PCH 1. Saw a beautiful sunrise in San Diego last time we were there. Thanks for jogging the memories. Jay

  7. Amazing… nature always seems to be in synchronize, from the dark blue sea to the white wave and gracefully to the warm colored land. Nice composition! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Stunning photo – absolutely amazing. And yes, I end up reading back on my posts sometimes and have the same reaction – “I wrote that? Not too bad…” = )

  9. This is absolutely one of my favorite views along the coast. Another is just on the south side of that point, looking south along the coastline from the Point Reyes Lighthouse. Oh, what beautiful pictures! Someday I hope to have even a fraction of your talent. I do love your pictures!

    1. yes, it was nice, I took a few photos of the sunset as well, will post them some time in the future, but looking south was not a good day on that day.

  10. Great shot! That’s one of my favorite places in the world, and I often find that rainy or overcast weather really brings out the wildlife, because most of the people have gone away. Gives you a nice sense of tranquility and union with nature. Congrats on your many posts, and keep up the good work.

    1. wasn’t much of a wild life around there, other than three or for historic farms on the way to this place, with many cows. the wind was so bad that they even closed access to the light house.

  11. This is like a gorgeous painting! It is sooooo perfect, I can’t take my eyes off it. Bravo for a stunning photo, once again, Dmitrii!

    1. we had lunch in Santa Rosa at Vietnamese Noodle restaurant, it was good and inexpensive. As for Napa, I was really surprised that you can’t get into any of them to even taste the wine without a reservation. give me a break. We really didn’t care to try them that bad anyway and 20 minute ride over to Sonoma valley allowed us to do it. Now I can say that I’ve tried wine in Sonoma valley, hehe.

  12. Thanks Dmitrii for visiting my photostory blog and liking the posts. Loved your photo-a-day concept with a small write ups around it. I et overwhelming response when I do such a thing in gallery space. I thought on the blogs, let me create stories., which I do a cpl of time in a month. Better way is to keep engaging with people with one post a day if I can! Thanks for giving this insight. Visit my latest story when you have time. Thanks

  13. Beautiful shot! The way you’ve managed to keep the striking orange of the cliffs and blue of the sea is awesome!
    Thanks for liking my blog by the way, keep shooting!

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