New York–Looking North

After I took “Times Square Reflections” photo I had to go back to hotel and change my shoes, they were soaked wet. When I went back out the rain stopped and most of the clouds were blown away. I decided to walk down the Broadway and see a bit of the city. When I came up to the Empire State Building I decided to check if they are still open, if was around 10PM – they were open! Up on the observation deck the wind was so intense and cold, not much fun to be there, forget about taking leisure photos. Their security does not allow tripods all the way up so I had to shoot it all handheld. Thankfully it was possible to prep camera against the walls and other stable objects and eliminate the shake.

Today’s photo is looking north west from the Empire State Building. BTW, photo like this is better viewed in higher resolution, just click on it to see it large.

Click me!

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60 Responses to New York–Looking North

  1. Stephanie Ho says:


  2. Beautiful photo. I’d know that skyline anywhere. Did you do any post production?

  3. ocirne10 says:

    this is an amazing view!

  4. Ciao, well worth all the effort, great shot, clean and sharp. Lynne

  5. There is only one New York and night time shots are great…..this is one of the best

  6. I meant toask…was his a multi shot HDR or a one shot (then raw exposure adjusted)?

  7. pin sharp – you are a human tripod 🙂

  8. Travel Thom says:

    Share Alessandro’s opinion… stunning! 🙂

  9. magsx2 says:

    What a magnificent photo, just stunning. 🙂

  10. Life Normal says:

    Spectacular Dimitri. Absolutely spectacular!

  11. Very nice shot… Worth the effort!

  12. jazzersten says:

    spectacular, especially without a tripod.

  13. Shelvia says:

    HDR done right. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Jason Finner says:

    Tremendous once again!

  15. Dmitrii says:

    Thank you all! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. CaiPhone says:

    Wow, is this a 3 photos combined HDR? I can’t tell any shape at all. What a steady hand with great eyes.!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. christymoyer says:

    There is nothing like a view of NYC at night from the Empire State Building! You did an amazing job of taking a sharp pic with no tripod! I have many of these same photos but none came out nearly as well. Oh well, maybe next time!

  18. selah says:

    great photo, but I think I would get claustrophobia in that city..

  19. Lynne Ayers says:

    The city just goes on forever … I’ve become a fan of this HDR … at least through your lens.

  20. Croick says:

    Outstanding image. I’d be proud if I could produce just one image like that. Well done.

  21. orples says:

    Think of how many people are in that photograph, inside all of those buildings. Beautiful shot of the City at night.

  22. What a difference “Click me” makes too. Fantastic picture! All the more amazing because you had to endure the cold wind to get the picture.

  23. Abinav Thakuri says:

    wonderful shot!

  24. Zhongmin Li says:

    This is a beautiful shot!

  25. Such a great picture. it’s perfect. How I miss living in the city.

  26. Mary says:

    Beautiful shot, almost like a movie fantasy. Way to hold your ground in the wind.

  27. ghummakkad says:

    Wow! Need to get to top of ESB to see that!

  28. Breathtaking shot, worth getting cold for?

  29. simphonyblue says:

    well…”amazing” is too small of a word to describe this..
    takes my breath away..
    ahm..could I use it as a desktop screensaver on my laptop? I mean I have to ask your permission..

  30. Wow! Time to revisit New York!

  31. Awesome job love the photo!

  32. conniededona says:

    Amazing color and lights!

  33. I like this. I visited the observation decks on the 86th and 102nd during the day, but just had my S100 point and shoot with me. I need to get back with a DSLR and try the night view like this. Very nice! I enjoyed the view toward the Chrysler building the best, but it is all good….

  34. John says:

    Outstanding View. Years ago, I was allowed to visit the WCBS New York Transmitter located above the Observation Deck. Laying down on the floor and stretching your arms overhead you could span the floor between the equipment racks and easily feel the sway of the building. A very eery sensation. Wonderful Detail in this Exposure.

  35. flowerpoet says:

    Great clarity and colour! I can see this one in a travel brochure. Thanks for sharing. Shelley

  36. joquint says:

    Lovely image. My favourite cityscape skyline.

  37. Awesome shot. well done!

  38. Eposure says:

    wow – great shot

  39. Absolutely amazing shot! Shows every single light in the windows. Awesome!

  40. truels says:

    What a stunning view!

  41. aqueoussun says:

    Beautifully done…. I would have liked to have done this sort of thing when I was in NYC way back when but me and heights don’t mix well….

  42. WOW. That is an absolutely fabulous photograph!

  43. Unsungpoet says:

    Gorgeous! Wanted to share some of my empire state building shots with you, far from the professional quality of this one of yours, they were taken with a disposable camera….

  44. Fantastic shot of NY, Dmitrii. Well done!! Good blog!

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