Sharing the Catch

Friday is here, finally, and we have another photo from undisclosed location. Can you figure out where I took it?

We were watching all of these fishermen getting off the boat, laying all of their catch on the dock and then each one of them getting their fare share of fish. They carried it of the dock to the open part of the building and couple guys sliced them all into fillets. Seagulls were lurking around but got nothing. It was a nice little show.

Location – couple visitors identified this location, did not take that long, wow, and they even didn’t look at the boat name. Very impressive. Anyway, this was taken on a nice afternoon at Depoe Bay in Oregon. The world’s smallest harbor. There were a few seals lurking around in the water as well so we had a good time out there.

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10 thoughts on “Sharing the Catch

      1. You helped by sharing several photos of the area recently, not to mention that I’ve looked at that view several times a year for the last
        50+ years. 🙂 Thanks for sharing photos of a little-known but charming harbor.

  1. In some of our traditional harbours arround the U.K. there are now more ‘recreation’ fishermen the ‘real’ fishermen……such is the decline in our fishing industry. The best you can say about it is that a least some of the Fishermen and their boat can still earn a living.
    Great shot…tells the story well.

  2. This, I believe, is the Tradewind’s dock in Depoe Bay, Oregon (the world’s smallest harbor). Their motto… “Quit Wishin’, go fishin’!”. The photo perspective is the right angle for there, but I don’t recognize that as one of their boats… so I could be totally wrong. 😉 😉

    1. You are correct, same as NikkiAnne. It is Depoe Bay. I actually searched last night on the boat name “Tacklebuster” and the first hit was for Depoe Bay, OR. If you didn’t recognize the place, someone would find it that way too. It is a cute little harbor.

  3. I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog (I suspect it’s because my daughter’s initials are HRD.) Amazing. Is this really only your “hobby?” Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

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