Self Portrait

Times Square is full of surprises. It is not only that you going to see all kind of cool stuff, weird people and just a huge melting pot of everything, sometimes you might even get a glance of yourself on the giant flat screen TV. But it not ends there, you can actually make stupid gestures, jump around while watching yourself doing it. I guess little kid never dies in us, well, at least in many of us. I’m sure some people would never do anything like this in public. Because they are… just because they will not do anything like this in public.

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32 thoughts on “Self Portrait

    1. Just go to Times Square and you’ll see this giant screen showing adds. Every ten or so minutes they turn those adds off and turn live feed camera pointing on the street. Usually there would be a big crowd looking at itself, and also some actor wanna be, acting like statue of liberty, standing still.

    1. yep, Times Square is all about color, constantly changing color with all of those adds constantly changing to something different.

  1. Hey, I just came across your blog, because you liked one of my stories (thanks for that by the way). Your pictures are great, very beautiful. We are going to NY soon, so I’ll make sure to check out the times square too 🙂 Kristin (aka Longtom)

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