Lets go Fishing

I can’t remember where exactly I took this photo. I think it is taken at the Depoe Bay Oregon.

Great state to visit, and I’m sure great state to live. I’ve never been on the fishing boat in the Pacific. I think next time I should plan for some type of excursion, fishing, whale shooting (with camera) or just glamour cruising.

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12 Responses to Lets go Fishing

  1. kap10bob says:

    Great HDR photo!

  2. Oregon is definitely a great place to live. And this shot is beautiful. It very well could be Depoe Bay.

  3. liz2you says:

    Beautiful isn’t the word; no, My god is; that water is wonderful, it draws me! But I am a water person- said that before? And no, I don’t fish!

  4. flowerpoet says:

    Beautiful photo. It looks very much like my neighbourhood on Vancouver Island. I do have a photo of me fishing in these waters. I also have an American friend who has a commercial fishing boat off the coast of Oregon. I think I’ll put an HDR camera on my wish list now. Thanks!

  5. Looks like fun getting out of there! Nice pic.

  6. this makes me miss Oregon and all its beauty! wonderful picture! thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful! I’m ready to visit Oregon again, thanks to you.

  8. rozsmallfry says:

    So gorgeous! I’m headed to Oregon in August and looking forward to seeing that spectacular rugged coast again.

  9. Yes it is Depoe Bay….we travel there at least once a year for a week on the Oregon Coast….love it…and a great place to eat is Tidal Raves…it looks out on this very bay….incredible at sunset…good meal with good wine and amazing views:)

  10. Seasonsgirl says:

    My husband loves fishing. For his bachelor party they went fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and had a great time.

  11. Inge says:

    What a nice and beautiful place for fishing! Beautiful shoot! 🙂

  12. doliphoto says:

    wow, amazing. Great picture. look at this photo so it immediately went to the beach ….

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