Lets go Fishing

I can’t remember where exactly I took this photo. I think it is taken at the Depoe Bay Oregon.

Great state to visit, and I’m sure great state to live. I’ve never been on the fishing boat in the Pacific. I think next time I should plan for some type of excursion, fishing, whale shooting (with camera) or just glamour cruising.

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12 thoughts on “Lets go Fishing

  1. Beautiful isn’t the word; no, My god is; that water is wonderful, it draws me! But I am a water person- said that before? And no, I don’t fish!

  2. Beautiful photo. It looks very much like my neighbourhood on Vancouver Island. I do have a photo of me fishing in these waters. I also have an American friend who has a commercial fishing boat off the coast of Oregon. I think I’ll put an HDR camera on my wish list now. Thanks!

  3. Yes it is Depoe Bay….we travel there at least once a year for a week on the Oregon Coast….love it…and a great place to eat is Tidal Raves…it looks out on this very bay….incredible at sunset…good meal with good wine and amazing views:)

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