Christmas at Tiffany’s

Chevy Chase area in DC is probably one of the most expensive and snoopy areas in DC. Well, truly, most of DC is very expensive, so saying that this area is most expensive is probably highly debatable, but nerveless based on my observation of the shops around there it is not one of the cheapest ones. In December I stayed for a few nights at hotel  near the Friendship Heights metro station. When you walk from hotel to the metro station you’d see all of these fancy designer brand name stores. Usually some type of security car would be idling on the corner. I never saw any people going in or out. I always wondered how these places stay in business. Is there really that many people going buying super expensive jewelry, leather bags, shoes and dresses to pay their salaries and I’m pretty sure not so cheap rental? I read somewhere about Chinese malls and all designer shops in those malls. They are empty. No one goes there because no one can afford to shop there. How do they stay in business? Supposedly they pay their rent on the amount of actual sales or something like that. So those stores don’t have to make any money to cover their rental, but they would have presence at the mall – advertisement for the designer brand and prestige for the mall. I kind of question the same business practice in US.

Any one knows how these places stay in business?


11 thoughts on “Christmas at Tiffany’s

  1. You are right, the prestige luxury brand stores are there to pull in dreamers and fools, who then having travelled to look are then buying something from another store to ease their guilt, or appease their girlfriend who expected Tiffany but got Walmart

  2. Hey Dmitrii! I used to live in D.C. and I remember the Chevy Chase area pretty well. Not for the faint of heart. I love your photo. I love the contrast between the dark of the night and the artificial lights coming from the cars, trees and signage on the building. Thanks for the like by the way 🙂

  3. Did you check it out in the daytime too? Maybe it’s only empty because it’s night and people are afraid of getting mugged. Looks pretty clean and fancy though. The streets look like they’re polished (if not paved with gold)!

    1. to be honest, I only saw it in the mornining on my way to work and in the evening, probably right before it was closing, so it is expected that I didn’t see many people.

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