Niagara Parkway at Night

Taking Traffic Lights Photos

When opportunities arise I always try to get photos with long traffic lights and I find that it is not easy to do if you shoot a set of brackets. I usually shoot with ISO 200, so when shooting brackets camera is set to aperture priority and the primary way to control timing of each exposure is via  changing aperture, the lower the aperture (higher F number) the longer each exposure takes. But you don’t really know how long it will take for each exposure, while interesting traffic is going by and might not show up again for some time. I usually do not like to bring F too high because it decreases the quality of the image, so it is hard to time it right and get enough timing to get the good continuous line of lights at least on one of the brackets.

Christmas Time at the Falls

So on this occasion I was walking along the Niagara parkway on the river side and decided to take a few traffic lights with some glimpse of the Niagara Falls, the fog and some Christmas decorations, so I jumped over to the medium and took probably at least ten shots of the same scene, trying to time it right. I was happy with this one.

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26 thoughts on “Niagara Parkway at Night

  1. This is a great one. Another thing you can do is to take multiple shots and layer them in photoshop using the “lighten” blend mode. This will give you multiple light trails. Speaking of which you can also try a program like Star Stax which will do the same thing. Great for merging star trails but also works for car lights etc.

  2. This photo is incredible! I have a compact digital SLR style camera that I’m learning how to use so now I know what the aperture priority setting on it is for! I wasn’t sure because I’m really new at this photography malarky. So thank you 🙂 Also, thanks for the like 🙂

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