Copper Roof

Following my last two Fridays undisclosed locations I’m going to try and follow this little tradition, as long as I can, and every Friday post some photos that are not obvious but more likely will be recognized by some.

I was walking around ‘this’ city ‘specific’ area and saw this building poking out between other buildings and kind of thought that it looks cool and different than everything else around. So I took a few shots.

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34 thoughts on “Copper Roof

  1. my first thought was that this is in New York City, but where in the city I have no idea…. beautiful, I actually like the colors, makes it kind of whimsical..

  2. Can you imagine what it would cost to build that masterpiece today? I doubt you could find enough skilled labor to cut all of that stone if money weren’t an issue. What a beautiful example of architecture! 🙂

    1. this is one of a kind. can you imagine rent in those appartments? it got to be appartments with window air conditioning units.

  3. I took it just a bit south of Times Square, but was not sure where exactly. So I had to find exact place on the map to answer my own question. It is on the corner of 42nd and Broadway. Interesting part is that roof top section with those appartments is only present on one corner of this building, the one that we see and the one that catched my attention. The other corners are just normal.

  4. The colors are great. I notice the street lights look like they are on. What time of day did you take this photo?

  5. Gorgeous! I wish I had gotten a good photo of the copper roof on the Buddhist temple near us when it was new, though I’m not sure I could have captured it properly, since it was nearly blinding in good light. But when aged and oxidized like this one, they’re SO beautiful.

  6. I love this! The building is amazing in itself but adding the lamp post and the glass facade in the background is perfect contrast. The lamp post turned on makes this photo. Genius!

  7. Checked out your blog and when I saw this shot I thought: “This looks just like a typical Swedish building!” (from the i dunno say 1850’s). Not sure if im right but it looks similar to old swedish cityhalls. (for example if you google “city hall malmo” @google image its quite similar).

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