Grand Central Terminal

My schedule been a bit hectic in the last week and I did not spend much time online. It should get to fairly normal now and I should be able to respond to comments in a more timely fashion and post more photos.

I was coming back from China Town back to the Times Square area and decided to stop by the Grand Central Station and see what it looks like inside. I was very surprised and pleased with what I saw there. See if for your self.

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32 thoughts on “Grand Central Terminal

    1. Hi Bella, I used a tripod for this one. Put it on the staircase rail, they are very wide there. Same for me, I was there many years ago, this time it was a short two day visit, a lot of walking with serious blisters as result of it.

  1. Oh how I love Grand Central Station! When I stand inside I feel as if I am lost in time! I think of all the years past filled with different people and their stories who have traveled through it! Beautiful photo!

    1. thanks! I spent in it only about five minutes as I was really tired and tried to get back to my hotel, someday I’d like to take a photo of the ceiling and nothing else. probably need to be there late at night to do that.

  2. Hi Dmitrii!

    The Facebook page to win a package from ‘It’s A Good Day for Clay’ is now available. You can head back to the original “Win Some Stuff” post and click on the link from there! Glad you liked the contest!

  3. You have captured this so beautifully… I stood in almost the same position last fall and took a bunch of pictures, but cannot say they turned out quite so fantastic! 🙂

  4. Amazing image, Dimitri. I’ve been rather absent from my blog recently, only posting twice in the last couple of months, and those posts being within the last week or so. I’m doing my best to catch up with people’s blogs, but it’s likely to be a whistle stop tour, but nonetheless an appreciative one as I speed through!

  5. Beautifully captured! I used to travel through this station daily on my way to work and was always amazed at its grandeur; especially for such a busy station.

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