Battery Sunrise

Last Friday I posted a photo with non-disclosed location, sort of a mystery photo. It did not take too long for you guys to figure out where it was actually taken at. So this Friday I’ll do the same. Where did I take this one?

Click me!

28 thoughts on “Battery Sunrise

  1. Not a clue but it sure looks pretty. Especially as we’re back to drab grey Easter skies in the UK. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

  2. Can’t wait to find out! Also, when divulged, is there a close-up of that statue? Would love to sit a spell on one of those benches. Looks like a place I should put on my bucket list, if it is in the US of A. Excellent capture!

  3. I know that location well. My husband and I were married at the gazebo that stands behind where you would have been when you took the shot. Beautiful photo.

  4. Just found your blog this evening. I’m from SC, and we lived in Charleston 12 years and know the spot well. We moved “north” 3 years ago, thank you so much for taking me back home for a minute!

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