Strait of Juan De Fuca

This was taken somewhere between the Port Angeles and Neah Bay. During low tide you’ll see all of these weeds soaking under the sun.

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11 Responses to Strait of Juan De Fuca

  1. magsx2 says:

    That is incredible all those weeds when the tide goes out. Such an unusual photo, but I love the depth the the trees covered mountain and the mountains behind that as well, very nice.

  2. Again you caught a simple scene and turned it into a great image

  3. Ciao, great shot, you took it at the right time with the tide out and showing the lush green weeds, lovely. 🙂 Lynne

  4. Good Morning and Congratulations from Hot Rod Cowgirl! I just nominated you for an award:) Go to this link below for your award and etc.:)

  5. Absolutely beautiful photo. Jay

  6. abraalani says:

    Beautiful! This area is on my list of places to visit some time in the coming months.

  7. The foreground is spectacular 🙂

  8. christymoyer says:

    So incredibly beautiful! Great shot!

  9. onesidedpancake says:

    I live on the Canadian side of the Juan De Fuca Strait. It’s a beautiful place, made even more beautiful by your amazing photography!

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