Golden Gates

On my prior visits to San Francisco, which were business oriented, I never had a chance to see Golden Gate Bridge up close and personal. On this trip I made sure we see it from a few different places. In fact as soon as we arrived to San Francisco, we drove over the bridge to he north side and enjoyed the view. I took a few photos, duh.., here is one of them. It was around 11PM and bitterly cold with winds from the Pacific, but parking area was fairly full and at least 3-4 other groups of folks, interestingly, mostly speaking Japanese and Chinese hanging around and taking some photos and even videos of the bridge with city behind it. Popular spot.

I wondered at that time how busy it would be here during nice sunny day. Couple days later we drove by during the day, it was like a zoo.  So if you ever come there, make sure to time it right.

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29, 30, uhh 300 more, Getting Dizzy

Truly I have no idea how many steps are total on this spiral staircase all the way up to the top of light house in St Augustine Florida, a lot, that’s for sure. We went up and down but I did not count them. I’m sure that probably almost every kid that knows how to count above 100 (hmm, I wonder what percentage of American kids can count above 100) tried to count it as he/she was going up or down.


Friday Mystery Photo

I hope everyone is having a good Friday and looking forward to a nice weekend. I’m sure looking forward to it.

To keep with my newly established tradition I’m not disclosing location of this photo. Lets see if anyone recognizes this place. Should I provide a hint? hmm, maybe, lets just say that if a good earthquake strikes, I would not want to be inside of it.

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And There was a Light

On our first day in California we saw sun light two times. Sunset and sunrise. At sunset we were at the Point Reyes, sunrise we decided to see over San Francisco Bay with Golden Gate Bridge in front of us. Most of the sunrise was not a big event, as you can see clouds were all over the sky, but there was a little break on the horizon with sun picking out couple times as it went up. Then for about 1-2 minutes we were enlightened with this view.

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Street Level NYC

While walking in downtown NYC I had to stop on a red light and had a chance to hang out with a few other pedestrians. They didn’t mind. It is probably their corner in their hood, they knew that I’ll move away.

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