Simple Rainbow

After making through the border control and doing a bit of hiking on the Niagara River I finally arrived at the Niagara Falls. As I was passing it on my way to the parking lot I saw this rainbow illuminated by the low setting sun. After parking I grabbed my camera and started walking to it and taking pictures. I had some with the buses, and cars and people, getting all in the foreground, still I was taking them as I was afraid that it will disappear. Finally I was able to cross the road and get this one. The mist you see is the mist from the Niagara Horse Shoe Falls.

Btw, I took Step Back photo probably about two hours later, it is still one of my personal favorites.



Photo Mania

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. There are thousands of people coming out to look at them, everyone taking photos. Some are looking super pros, with big camera, click, click, click. Some are somewhere in the middle with midsize cameras and P&S. Some are with their smart phones only. True photo mania.

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Mt Hood from the Dalles


Usually claustrophobia is associated with little tiny spaces, like closets, small rooms, WC on the airplanes. But there are other types of claustrophobia’s, one of them is opposite of the small places, it is when people feel claustrophobic in large spaces, it just happens for these places to be a bit less “open”. I’ve heard stories of people who grew up in New Mexico, went to college to NC and felt absolutely claustrophobic.  If you been to both states then you’ll know what I’m talking about. And there is another type of claustrophobia, not space related, I call it “organizational” or “authority” claustrophobia. It is a bit complicated to describe it. All I can say is that I think I have that type of claustrophobia, that is why many years ago I left Soviet Union and pretty much all of my professional career work in consulting industry, which is to me one of the great forms of modern day capitalism.

Anyway, why am I talking about all this? Well, the following image got me thinking about it. Being free. Open space. No restrains. No other reason.

American Landscape

I love how you can see for miles and miles on the American West, there is no ending to it. On a clear day like this you can see so far away; we were about thirty miles away from the Mt Hood and you can see it like it is right in your back yard. Nothing like this ever happens on the East coast. Most times we have too much humidity here for such clear views.

While visiting Oregon one of the biggest surprises for me was how quickly the landscape and weather changes from West to East. In a matter of 15-20 miles it changes from lush-plush forest area to pretty much dry sun burned steppes. It was my first visit to Oregon and first time we drove from Portland to The Dalles, I really could not believe my eyes to such a drastic change in environment.

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In the Mist

On the Road – WordPress Comment Management

While at work or on the road I do not have time or ability to go to my blog via normal browser to read and check the status of any new comments. Instead I use WordPress app on my Windows Smartphone to do that. It is simple to use, one touch to get into the app, one touch to see and read new comments, and then one touch to approve any that require approval.

How about you, do you use their app on your smart phones as well or you use some other tools, if any?

Almost at a Peak Bloom

I took this photo on the same morning as my last post – Spring’s Snow. It was cloudy, a bit windy and misty sunrise, well, there were no visible sunrise, it just got lighter. Most of the cherry trees were not in the full bloom yet, just some. I found this one to be in a good shape and fortunately with interesting background, so here you go, my first photo from this year’s Cherry Bloom season. If I make there again you’ll see a few more, hopefully with some sunlight as well.

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Spring’s Snow

This is how it snows in the Spring, with beautiful gentle petals, falling from the sky. This photo could be taken anywhere where saucer magnolia grows, but this specific one was taken near the Tidal Basin in Washington DC just couple days ago. I managed to make my way there one early very cloudy morning in hopes of getting some photos with cherry tree blossoms. There were a few of them getting close, but most cherry trees are not ready yet for the prime action, should be next week. But the magnolias and other flowering bushes are in full force at the moment.

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