Can you hear the music? When I see this photo for some reason I can hear the music that they always play on this type of carousel. Also, somehow it reminds of one of those movies with flash backs into the past. I look at it and expect it to suddenly start moving, with kids seating on it and their mamas watching over, and of course something terrible will happen any second, just wait… it is coming. Winking smile

So does anyone know where I took this photo? There are some clues in it.

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32 thoughts on “GIDDY UP

  1. There is one like it in the Danbury Mall in Connecticut, after they built the mall on the old fairgrounds many years ago and kept the I would have to say it is in a mall somewhere…..

  2. First of all, beautiful shot! Can’t resist the temptation, so I googled “giant carousel inside glass walls” and I found Jane’s Carousel. Pretty smart to be shooting with Brooklyn bridge behind you 🙂 Or I am completely off the mark?

    1. yes, this is right in NYC, on the Brooklyn side of the East river. You can see refelction of the Brooklyn Bridge and a bit of Manhattan bridge.

  3. its wonderful that this grand old carousel was so beautifully restored.. there are not many of them around anymore, sad, really..

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