DC Metro

If you ever wondered what DC Metro stations look like, no longer a mystery. Here it is. EOM.

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40 thoughts on “DC Metro

  1. I love the lines and the HDR processing. That’s the type of shot I would have liked to have captured when I visited DC a couple of summers ago 🙂

  2. I commuted on the DC metro for 3 years from Gaithersburg to Dupont Circle many moons ago. I always thought it was a great system….I hear they can’t keep those never ending escalators in service. No replacement parts!

    You make it look good!! 😉

    1. It is not the pretiest metro system, but it is way better looking than what I have see in NYC. Yep, escalators are broken very often.

    1. I think it was taken around 8PM. After the rush hour and right after trains left from both platforms. I was about to go down and then saw that it was empty, pulled the camera out, jumped up ISO and shot it handheld.

  3. I have never wondered about DC metro, because I didn’t know there was one, but now that I do, well, I love the image. Reminds me of one of our railway stations.

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