Christmas in Pittsburgh

This photo was taken couple days before Christmas. We arrived in Pittsburgh on a rainy night and went straight to the Mt Washington to take a few photos of the downtown. You might recall one of the previous photos I took that night, it was posted here couple month back. In the foreground you can see the Mt Washington Incline, it takes you up from the river level all the way to the top of the mountain.

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25 thoughts on “Christmas in Pittsburgh

  1. Oooh, the haze is creepy, and that cable-car thing (the Mt. Washington Incline, I guess?) is really unique. Very cool!

  2. Dmitrii, welcome to Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh at night is one of my favorite photo subjects–easy since I live here! With the view from Mt. Washington and the three rivers’ reflections, it’s a natural.

  3. When we were kids, dad would take us to Pittsburgh for the weekend (we grew up in Cleveland) every now and again – and one of the things we HAD to do was go to the Incline. You’ve captured my memories so well – beautiful shot.

  4. Stunning shot. I love that you can see the Christmas tree by the park in the distance and the foreground detail makes it a really interesting composition.

    1. thanks Kathryn! i was happy with how it came out, fairly sharp details for such far away objects. it was hard to shoot there, was raining, I kept ubrella over it and was trying to get the Inlcine Car into the frame foreground. I actually messed up bunch of shots with that Incline Car right in the front me.

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