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The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. There are thousands of people coming out to look at them, everyone taking photos. Some are looking super pros, with big camera, click, click, click. Some are somewhere in the middle with midsize cameras and P&S. Some are with their smart phones only. True photo mania.

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  1. The same thing will be happening in Tokyo soon, there are some parts of Japan where cherry blossoms are already blooming, like Shizuoka prefecture. Truly though Tokyo will have the most viewers, as friends and businesses begin to plan for this years “花見” hanami , cherry blossom viewing parties, last year the festivities were subdued due to the Tohoku earthquake, so I expect this year everyone will be looking forward to this.

  2. Like your comments….just think IF Digital hadn’t come along I wonder if so many people would still be enjoying photography. Nice to see folk capturing their special moments and memories.

    Also love the Blossom ‘on mass’ we in the U.k. get lovelly blossom but not concentrated as in your shots of Washington.

  3. I like the way you embraced the scene and shot the environment as it was, rather than worrying that all the people would get “in the way” of your shot. Your first image has the iconic monument shining through, but it’s shown as a slice of life, rather than the usual tried and true. Nice job!

    1. I took a few of those as well, without any people in it. but it was so crowded so I decided to actually take photos of what was in front of me and around me and not wait in line for those special view shots.

  4. Again, great shots.
    Photo mania is absolutely everywhere these days. When I’m on the road and see so many many people snapping away I sometimes wonder what the most photographed place or thing in the world is. Do you know if anyone has ever tried to figure that out? I suspect that the ‘answer’ might surprise us.

    1. thanks! the place is probably the most visited by tourists, could be NYC or Paris, etc. The “thing” is a bit harder, it could be children, or food or women…

  5. they are beautiful.. I think its something that where they have the maples, people look forward to it every year as a sure sign that Spring has come.. and there is magic when those blossoms fall..

  6. Gorgeous! Today we have snow in the Okanagan Canada. Soon, however, the cherry and grape blossoms will give us that beautiful palette of colour, too!

  7. So vivid and personal in a way. Makes me miss DC! What a great time of year to be there. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your lens! 🙂

  8. These are some of the most stunning shots of the cherry blossoms I’ve ever seen. One of these days I’ll start playing with HDR like you do here (I hope) In the meantime, I’m trying to branch out to RAW. Took the pics, now have no idea what to do with them! LOL

      1. Right..have Lightroom and they display beautifully. I can see why people to to RAW for their primary format. Lightroom easily converts them to a DNG file. Did you see I gave you a shout out on my “Pink” post?

  9. These are beautiful! I hope to visit DC someday to see the blossoms in person, but until then I’ll content myself with amazing images like yours. (Loving the HDR look with them too!)

  10. Fabulous Shots. I’m particularly fond of the second shot with the people under the cherry trees at the Tidal Basin. Has a marvelous feel to it and of course the color is exquisite.

  11. Amazing colors…especially the first one. Do you mind sharing your camera settings, time of day, etc?

      1. Thanks! I’m trying hard to become a better photographer and knowing these details helps a lot.

  12. I was there yesterday and contributed to the photo mania. I forgot to charge my camera so I had to make do with my music player. You should join the FotoDC contest if you haven’t. I just did!

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