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On the Road – WordPress Comment Management

While at work or on the road I do not have time or ability to go to my blog via normal browser to read and check the status of any new comments. Instead I use WordPress app on my Windows Smartphone to do that. It is simple to use, one touch to get into the app, one touch to see and read new comments, and then one touch to approve any that require approval.

How about you, do you use their app on your smart phones as well or you use some other tools, if any?

Almost at a Peak Bloom

I took this photo on the same morning as my last post – Spring’s Snow. It was cloudy, a bit windy and misty sunrise, well, there were no visible sunrise, it just got lighter. Most of the cherry trees were not in the full bloom yet, just some. I found this one to be in a good shape and fortunately with interesting background, so here you go, my first photo from this year’s Cherry Bloom season. If I make there again you’ll see a few more, hopefully with some sunlight as well.

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28 thoughts on “In the Mist

  1. I use the App, too.

    I especially like it to check if auto-scheduled content went live, when I am travelling

    + I am addicted to the Stats.

    Have a nice day

  2. I almost never use my phone to check the internet because my screen is quite small and it’s easier to use my laptop. I’ll be needing to upgrade my phone some time though so I’ll look out for the app you mentioned as it could be very useful, thanks.

    Beautiful blossom, I love to see that coming out.

  3. Hi,
    No I never use an app. either lap top or desk top, I prefer the desk top as it has all the RSS feeds to the blogs. 🙂
    Love the photo very pretty. 😀

  4. app wise: I never tried the app….
    even though I have it on my phone…
    I should try it out…….
    picture wise: I love the picture and how you took it….. it feels unreal… as if it’s disappearing or re-appearing…….
    SO Beautiful……….

  5. Hey Dimitrii, Thanks for “liking” my post “The Crypts” on
    Love the shot of the cherry blossoms, so mysterious looking somehow. And the “Spring’s Snow” — I’ve always thought that the blanket of petals on the ground look like gentle pink snow!

  6. I haven’t used the app, but I’ll give it a try. Positioning the cherry blossoms in front of the monument adds depth to the photo. Very nice.

  7. Beautiful contrasts – the sharp, clear foreground and the misty background – the natural foreground and the concrete of the building(s) in the background.

  8. I use the app on my ipad to check on things but I don’t like writing posts that way. Twice I was nearly done with a post when the app crashed and all was lost. Another time I was trying to save a draft when it sent out the half written post. i think they have improved that app since then but i prefer to write my posts via a computer.

  9. Ciao, no l use the mobile cell for phone calls, my camera to take photos and the cooker to make pasta! life, l try to keep life simple. Too many apps and you are tied to the cell phone. The screen on the computer is bigger and l like to sit and spend time to see other bloggers pics full screen and also leave comments. Lynne

  10. Lovely blossom 🙂

    I use the WordPress app too on my Android phone. It makes checking stats and comments quite easy and handy, but I still like the WordPress website experience for the tasks mentioned, it feels kind of ‘complete’ there.

  11. Very much like you… I check the wordpress app on Android while on the go. For me to respond, I need my computer… the smartphone is too small to reply back!

  12. Once again, you have beat me to the blossoms. Thanks for the update as I was planning on going on Tues. Now the plan is for Wednesday, and hopefully blue skies. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

    1. if not pouring rain than I’m going to try be there tomorrow around 7AM, right around sunrise, do a little detour on my way to work. And who knows, might again on Wednesday, all depends on the weather and how sleepy I’m, :-).

  13. I’m too stupid for a smartphone 🙂 When I’m on the road, I just wait until I can get to a hot spot and maybe use my ipad or else just hold everything until I get indoors..I’d rather be shooting while I’m out anyways…
    As for your image – great capture – just beautiful!

  14. Gorgeous image! I’ve never been to DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival….always wanted to go. Thanks for taking me! 😉
    I don’t use my phone for the blog. I just use the laptop and take it when I travel. I do find it easy to use the phone for FB, though.

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