Spring’s Snow

This is how it snows in the Spring, with beautiful gentle petals, falling from the sky. This photo could be taken anywhere where saucer magnolia grows, but this specific one was taken near the Tidal Basin in Washington DC just couple days ago. I managed to make my way there one early very cloudy morning in hopes of getting some photos with cherry tree blossoms. There were a few of them getting close, but most cherry trees are not ready yet for the prime action, should be next week. But the magnolias and other flowering bushes are in full force at the moment.

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39 thoughts on “Spring’s Snow

  1. That is a great shot…..our spring, although advanced this years is still someway behind yours. Blossom and Magnolia have still to show, though the early blossom is just starting to pop.

  2. I took a similar photo a couple of days ago but didn’t use it. I should have changed my perspective; but that was a little difficult from the car! 🙂 Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. ;-), from the car it would be hard to get the same perspective, unless it is some kind of go cart or one of those tiny little lotus cars.

  3. Amazing! It was 82 on Friday here I’m Minneapolis! Technically our snowiest month! Yet the weather these last few weeks has been like early June! Crazy. When do the cherry blossom typically bloom? I am heading out there in a week but most likely missed them.

    1. Hi, typically they bloom last week in march, first week in April. This year they will be in peak this coming week, much earlier than usual.

  4. I’ve been watching our Magnolia trees over the last couple of days. I think yesterday and today will be their peak times before the blossoms start to fall. This is a beautiful shot and wonderful perspective!

    1. Thanks, evergreen magnolia in my yard does not bloom in the spring, so I had to research about saucer magnolia as I was not familiar with it. I think they all bloom at different times.

  5. what a wonderful way to look at it.. here it would be cherry blossoms, you have inspired me to look for a “spring snowfall”

    1. Thanks. This title had perfect calling to me when I took this photo. Sometimes I know what I’m going to call even before taking it. Does it happen to you?

  6. I think the magnolias are magnificent, too, great perspective! Was just at the tidal basin this morning and the cherry blossoms are definitely here. Looking forward to how you capture them!

  7. Beautiful capture! I was looking at Bradford Pear blossoms littering the street two days ago and wishing I had my camera. Just as you described it, I kept thinking of it as ‘spring snow’. 🙂

  8. Hi,
    A gorgeous photo, I love how the pink and white are covering the ground, it looks so pretty, pink as far as he eye can see, very nice.

  9. Wonderful “snow” – and how nice for you that your magnolias have already been flowering! they have not even started here yet….

  10. The low perspective absolutely makes this shot! This is so spectacular! I would love to see this scene in person let alone actually get to photograph it! Well done Dmitrii!

  11. Beautiful. I was recently in Portland, where the cherry blossoms were just beginning to bloom. It was amazing, particularly on overcast days.

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